Let’s talk about sweethearts, and I don’t mean the candy

Sweethearts, high school sweethearts that is…

Reem Negash, Staff writer

In our February 14 print edition, we told the high school love stories of math teacher Rebecca Tudor and head football coach Mike Kirschner. Here, we tell the stories of the other teachers pictured on the back page here.

Student publications teacher Tom Hayes met his wife Amy in sophomore Spanish class at Bishop Chatard.  She thought Tom was funny in class-he did Spanish skits wearing a sombrero and playing the bongos-and asked him to the school Sadie Hawkins dance. They have been married for 34 years.

Social studies teacher Shannon Singleton met her husband Jay in Mr. Steinacher’s 4th grade class at Braidwood Elementary School.  They both attended their 8th grade dance together. They started dating their sophomore year in high school after attending homecoming together. They will have been married for 20 years this coming fall.

Math teacher Dan Schwanekamp met his wife Hannah in English class their junior year when assigned to a project together. He asked her to accompany him to their Junior prom and they’ve been together ever since. They’ve been together for 10 years.

World Language teacher Marci Theobald met her husband at a Bears of Blue River Festival in Shelbyville the summer of 1990 where they exchanged numbers and hit it off almost instantly. They started dating shortly thereafter and continued all through high school and college. They have been married for 18 years.

It was during the beginning of baseball season when Math teacher Lacy Tubbs was helping out with the freshmen team where she was helping out with soft toss. Tubbs was later paired with her husband and the hit it of pretty quickly. They will have been together 13 years in May.