Theatre back in style with Puffs

Fast-paced comedy based on Harry Potter to have four shows

Jordynn Kitson, staff writer

The Ben Davis theater students are kicking off their first ever play since Covid-19 and the renovation of the theater. Puffs has many things to look forward to.

Puffs is a parody of the Harry Potter books and movies. It follows the “Puffs”, who are normally in the background of the stories, and makes them the heroes. 

It is a fast-paced comedy that tries to tell a heartwarming story with a ton of laughs. It will be a fun-filled show for Harry Potter fans, but it will also be a great show for people who have never seen the movies or read the books. This show also has zero connection to JK Rowling at all, which means they can make the show their own without having to respect the views of the series’ author.

This show features actors of all races, sizes, and identities. It is a show that reminds us that everyone belongs somewhere, even when the world tries to make them feel like they don’t.

Performing arts teacher Benjamin Fraley says practice is very hectic and fluid. Everything is timed to specifically that actors have to make sure they are working in time with the sound and light cues because everything has to go together perfectly to give the illusion of magic. All of the cast is present at all times so that anyone can be prepared to jump in wherever they are needed.

Fraley says directing has always been his passion. He has co-directed many musicals with choir director Jerico Hughes, but being the main director on this production has been stressful for him but rewarding.

“It has felt great to watch the theatre department grow and watch the students fall in love with theatre again,” Fraley said.

The biggest challenge Fraley has had to overcome is illness. Colds, fevers, and other common illnesses have taken some of the actors out of commission for a while, but they persevere and keep going and the actors jump right back in as soon as they return.

Their set is pretty simple. It is meant to simulate the “Puff” common room and features five different entrances to make quick changes and surprise reveals possible. There are a few cool effects and set features that he doesn’t want to spoil, but all he can say is that they are doing some things that have never been done before on their stage.

Fraley says It has been great to be in their theater again, but not everything is finished. That has been a big issue, but they are slowly getting things in place and he thinks despite a few small issues, the show is going to surprise and delight audiences.

Sophomore Lyric Hooks says that is her first Ben Davis play, but she has done a few at other schools and community theaters. She says that she has always loved theater because she likes tapping into an entirely different person, coming up with little quirks, and generally just bringing scripted characters to life on stage. Hooks said she really loves their cast this year and she has  made a lot of friends through theater.

“My character is complex, but not too difficult to play,” she said. “It is simply understanding the character’s  motives, relationships, and how they affect her character’s time in school.”

Hooks says that her character is pretty much just like her, so having the character’s attitude and presence comes easy.

Senior Jeffrey Dreyer says that when he was a baby, he was the baby Jesus in his church’s production, and then he participated in 10 minute plays his sophomore year and Murder Mystery Mayhem his junior year and now he is the lead role in Puffs.

Dreyer says that he likes theater because it’s an opportunity for creativity and an opportunity for friends, hearing music cues, and he says that light changes is an experience you can’t get anywhere else.

Dreyer plays the lead character Wayne. He says that Wayne is one of the only American characters and he has not had to learn a British accent like the cast has had to for their lines.


Wayne Hopkins Jeffrey Dreyer

Oliver Rivers – Mykell Searcy

Oliver Rivers – Justice Harris

Megan Jones – Lyric Hooks

Megan Jones – Laila Arnold

Narrator – Destiny Adenekan

Narrator – Ollie Christian

  1. Finch – Nicholas Morton
  2. Finch – Alex Otero

Ernie Mac – Kevin Pinner

Susie Bones – Constance Payne

Sally Perks – Josie Deaton

Leanne – Lucy Newlin

Hannah – Taubah Elebute

Cedric/Mr. Voldy – Cameron Morgan

Ensemble – Dryden Hepler

Ensemble – Raquelle Jackson-Nolen

Ensemble – Katie Sidebottom

Ensemble – Kendal Battershell

Ensemble – Emilia Miller

Ensemble – Jaqueline Martinez

Ensemble – Chex Cumming