Try these daily wellness tips


Jeffery Dreyer, staff writer

These days, it’s really easy to distract yourself. There’s always a new show on streaming or a new drama on Instagram. For me, that constant cycle eventually led to a rut.


My hunched schedule repeated day in and day out, so I started working to break the chain. That was last Fall, here’s what’s worked for me:


  • Consistent sleep schedule

Yeah, you knew this was coming. But, really, it works! Finding a good rhythm for getting in bed and waking up does wonders. I hated my mornings, it was near-painful to get out of bed. Getting a consistent 7-8 hours, as doctors recommend, really works! I get up awake and feel prepared to start another day.

  • Exercise

Working out is medically proven to improve brain health, sleep, and disease resistance. It might seem hard to get into at first, but start out small and work your way up. Personally, I started walking my dogs daily at the beginning of 2022 and this past fall started lifting weights. Finding a schedule that works for you and sticking to it takes some mental fortitude, but it’s absolutely worth it. You’ll feel stronger, and happier.

  • Go outside

It doesn’t have to be for a long time, maybe only half an hour a day. You could even combine it with your exercise routine by taking a run or walk. Fresh air does wonders in clearing your mind and cleansing the system. Especially now, with the cool weather, going outside and breathing deeply can really wake you up and make you feel better all around.

  • Turn off social media

Undeniably, social media is an awesome tool. When used correctly it can enhance your social life, but embedded in that tool is a less-than-altruistic motive. Instagram, TikTok, and Twitter, all prey on the habitual part of our brain to keep us on the app. That combined with a serious case of FOMO, the fear of missing out, can create a toxic environment. Maintaining a healthy relationship with Social Media is tough. If you notice yourself slipping into a harmful dynamic with these apps it might be time to take a break.

  • Find an outlet

So, if you’ve adapted the above suggestions to your life and schedule, you’ve probably got some extra free time and energy. Next, you might look into taking up a hobby! Play an instrument, practice yoga, take up art, work on that story that’s been swimming around in your skull, or join the theater (Puffs premiering March 9th, 2023). Whatever effort and time you put into your hobby, you’ll get back in satisfaction, plus when you look back on your day it’ll feel good to have another thing accomplished.


Good luck, Take small steps but have faith in yourself that yes, you can do it. I can guarantee, you’ll feel better about it.