Rooney continues to shine, but Beautiful World falls a bit short

Rooney continues to shine, but Beautiful World falls a bit short

Sally Rooney has become an increasingly popular author as her books Normal People and Conversations with Friends continue to flourish in sales.

In addition to these two books, Rooney’s newest novel, Beautiful World, Where Are You, has been a bestseller since it was released in September last year.

Beautiful World, Where Are You is a contemporary novel following four main characters, Alice, Eileen, Felix, and Simon. The story is written alternating between regular commentary and emails sent between Alice and Eileen, two best friends in their early thirties. These characters have grown up together and grown apart with age, but have stayed connected through email and social media.

Rooney does a great job telling a beautiful story of four people forming bonds and relationships and finding their way through the complicated world we live in. Although this is definitely a beautiful novel, it isn’t for everyone.

It wasn’t my favorite book I’ve ever read, and I can see why it might be hard for people to enjoy it. The book has less dialogue and is more focused on character actions and development. All three of Rooney’s popular novels have been more character driven rather than plot-based, which can make the books feel like they’re progressing slowly.

In Beautiful World, Where Are You, I personally felt like the characters were shallow and unlikable, which made the story hard for me to enjoy. The characters never really developed, and I felt like they were all given surface-level dialogue. In addition to this, I thought that Alice and Eileen’s friendship was not described or driven very well.

However, although I had some complaints, there’s no denying that this novel was written beautifully. Rooney has a very specific writing style that I admire even if it isn’t my favorite. Her ability to write a thought-provoking story definitely shines through in all three of her popular novels.

If you’re looking for a more fun, lighthearted romance, this book might not be for you, but I recommend it to anyone looking for a more thoughtful, contemporary story.