Life offline is worth the time

Life offline is worth the time

I challenge anyone reading this to take a break. Social media is becoming more and more widely used amongst this generation, and we are undeniably becoming more and more dependent on this. We are spending precious time scrolling through apps that have no real importance.

Years ago, when there was no social media, families were closer, and people could enjoy in person- interactions and make REAL memories. Sure, this is a different time, and we are in the midst of a pandemic where we maybe haven’t been able to have as many face-to-face interactions with other people. However, we miss so much that we don’t even realize when we are using our devices. 

About a week ago, I realized that my average screen time was just a few minutes below seven hours. It inspired me to take a break.

During that break I recognized how disconnected I’ve been from my surroundings. I noticed things about my own bedroom that I’d never thought about. Like how my ceiling is slightly tilterd, and how the vent lies perfectly over my dog’s cage.

Little things I would have noticed if I would have been more aware. It can be hard to take breaks, of course, because we, as a generation, are so dependent on cell phones and social media. However, you need to be willing to direct your attention elsewhere for a true “social media cleanse.” Also, you’re more likely to appreciate social media after a break from it. On the same hand, you’ll also appreciate the activities you partook in during the time of the cleanse. 

According to the “Insider” Site, the following are signs you should take a break from social media. Note — there is no set time you should stay off of social media, but the research shows that for the average person, any amount of days of three or more is beneficial for your mind. 

Signs it’s time for a break: (Reasons are from Insider, but explanations are from me):

  • It’s not fun anymore. Give it a break! Come back when you find a specific interest. Don’t worry about missing too much — that’s what human beings are for.
  • You’re comparing yourself to others. This one speaks for itself. Remind yourself that not everything seen on social media is as it seems and that we all have our own time to shine. The day you’re scrolling might not be yours, and that’s okay.
  • You’re “doom-scrolling.” This is when you’re scrolling and nothing you see interests you, so you just scroll and tap until you find something but nothing is there. Yup, go ahead and log out for me.
  • It’s the last thing you see at night. It has the potential to start interrupting the way you think and sleep. You should go to sleep with any empty mind, and not a mind full of thoughts that is incapable of turning off. 

From a first hand experience, I can tell anyone that it’s great to take a break, but it really doesn’t pay off until you can do it without being miserable.