Owens named Teacher of the Year


Xochitl Moreno

Art teacher Cara Owens works with a student on a ceramics project. Owens is the 2022 Ben Davis Teacher of the Year.

Brooklynn Sharp, staff writer

Art teacher Cara Owens was named Tuesday as the 2021-2022 Ben Davis teacher of the year.

Owens answers some questions about her profession.

Why did you decide to become a teacher?

“In high school I didn’t have a lot of career guidance i didn’t know what i wanted to be and i went through a loss and befriended my art teachers and they helped me guide me to where i wanted to be.”

Did someone as you were growing up influence you to become a teacher?

“Yes so I had a lot of art teachers some of them were Vicki Ayres and Beth Diehl and had a lot of influence from them.

What do you find rewarding about being a teacher?

“Seeing my students happy and successful, seeing my students enjoy creating art and as they get older i enjoy seeing them enjoy their life.”

What do you find challenging about being a teacher?

“Certain state laws that create issues for admin and teachers and they’re not able to do their job properly because of state law.

What does it feel like to be named teacher of the year?

“It feels good to even be nominated by your peers but the fact that I even got the award was nicer, gracious, not expecting to get it.”

What are some of your favorite memories here teaching at BD?

“Mr. (Kevin) Britt driving an ice cream truck that was made out of a floor cleaner dressed as spider-man during the pandemic shutdown. Watching my first impact class graduate, being able to just work with the art department because they’re all great people they give me daily memories.”

Has there been a student that changed your life?

“A lot of kids have helped to change my life, not able to have kids of my own so my students become my kids in a sense I remain in contact with students as they grow older and start their own families . I even went to a former student’s daughter’s third birthday party.”

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