What happened with all the subs?


Mary Adams, managing editor

Almost everyone at BD has noticed the sub shortage around the building. What happened to all the subs? There are multiple reasons why there is a sub shortage.  

Assistant principal Jessica Earnest is in charge of hiring the school’s subs and is working on handling the subs. Due to Covid, almost everywhere is having issues hiring. Like many people, subs didn’t have jobs available when the pandemic hit, so they went to find other work. 

Ben Davis has two permanent building subs. The amount of subs we need changes everyday, but can be as high as 15-20 subs a day. If you know someone in need of a job, let them know subbing is available. 

The staff at BD have come up with many solutions to our substitute issue. We have combined study halls in the upper gym so there are free teachers who can sub. We also have teachers sub during their prep  period. We have also combined classes in the media center, with principal Sandra Squire and other administrators who are willing to  make room in their schedules to teach. 

A lack of subs goes beyond the classroom. Pike township has had two e-learning days in the past month due to not enough subs to drive the buses.

There can never be too many subs, so if you know anybody looking for a job who would enjoy substitute teaching, please let them know that there are subbing positions available.