Although odd, American Dad has its moments


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

This show might spark a handful of old memories for some of you.

American Dad was released about six years after Family Guy. Seth MacFarlane is a voice actor, and an executive producer. He voiced most characters for both shows, both shows have similar humor but American Dad definitely has the better one — more dark jokes, twists, and laughs.

The Smiths are a proud, and American family, but so diverse. Stan, a CIA agent,a father and husband,  is a tough, and cutthroat man with bold opinions. Francine, a wife and mother, is a very soft, sensitive person. But she can be weird sometimes and her actions could surprise you at times.

Steve, a known loser, has low self-esteem and is very puny and weak. He can be even weirder, especially when he is around his friends, Toshi, Snot, and Barry. Hailey, the odd one out and always will be for her hippy ways. Being the rebel that she is, she always smokes marijuana, gets body piercings, and does not dress the way that the “normal girl” should dress.

Klaus, the house fish, is treated like a person because he used to be one. He started off as an East German olympic Skier , the CIA did not want him to win the 1986 Winter Olympics, so in order to stop Klaus from winning the gold medal , they  got his mind and all of his mannerisms transferred to the body of a goldfish and has been trapped in it ever since.

And last but not least, Roger, the most, strangest, craziest and weirdest of them all. Roger is an alien that Stan discovered a long time ago and has kept him a secret to the public for so many years now, keeping Roger in the Attic and making him a regular part of the family. Because of this, Roger always had to have some kind of disguise wherever he went out. You would think that people would be able to recognize the oversized head and disproportionate body of Roger, but by the cartoon oblivion and humor, no one ever knows who he truly is. Roger is known for being scandalous, rude, utterly hilarious and or unpredictable.

Everyone in the Smith family fights their own demons but somehow manage to keep it together in order not to cause too much havoc in the household.