Years later, Step Brothers still full of laughs


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Step Brothers is a movie for all comedy lovers, offering twisted turns and funny altercations.

Nancy Huff is a single mother and lives with her 39-year-old son, Brennan Huff.  At a medical conference, Nancy meets Robert Doback, it is lust at first sight, then soon love, leading to their wedding.

Soon after moving into a new home, Brennan has to meet Robert and, by irony, his 40-year-old son, Dale. With the intensity making the air thick, the rivalry between these two gentlemen goes into a passive aggressive standoff.

The back and forth sarcastic commentary between the two grows at the dinner table and pretty much anywhere they meet each other’s tracks. But after finding out that they have more in common than they thought they ever did, they soon find each other to be best friends and do everything together.

This may seem great that they get along now, but it worries Robert and Nancy. At first Nancy thinks that it’s great that they found something to like each other for, but soon finds out that it’s also a bad idea.

Dale and Brennan are now quite the odd pair now, attitudes and maturity have demoted to 12-year-olds, finding not so responsible activities to do and causing chaos and expensive messes. A new set of characters come into the picture, Brennan’s little brother, Derek, and his family.

You see, Derek is a wealthy man, and more condescending than you imagine. Having high standards for himself and his family, he also ridicules Brennan for being housed under the roof of their mom at the age of 39.

Brennan really hates his brother, and Derek hates Brennan, the ongoing rivalry has been going on for the longest time. And now that Dale is on Brennan’s side, he also realizes that Derek is a total douchebag. Oh, but Robert loves Derek, he finds his storytelling to be breathtaking and he loves his generosity and money.

Brennan and Dale finally caused enough to make Nancy and Robert resent each other, and this is devastating news to the both of them. They believe that Dale and Brennan should take responsibility for their own lives and make them move out, of course putting in enough money for two security deposits for their separate apartments. But it doesn’t end there though, Dale and Brennan decided to make their own international entertainment company and find a way to prove themselves to their family members and peers that they are talented and mature. They perform a beautiful piece for the Wine Mixer Union audience and Brennan and Derek finally smash their rivalry.

Originally released in 2008, Step Brothers is well worth your time.