UFC 3 is simply amazing


Aaron Ayala, staff writer

Action packed game play and never ending fighting can make a lot of UFC fans go crazy.

UFC 3 is full of most fighters that are in the Octagon, the Diaz brothers, Anderson Silva, TJ Dillashaw, Dodson Barboza, etc. With several options of game play to choose from, you and your friends can take turns fighting each other.

There is Stand And Bang, which contains no grappling, just kicking and punching, Knockout Mode, which is pretty much the same but you have an obvious health bar determining how many significant strikes your fighter can take before being knocked out.

The last few are a submission restricted mode where only grappling and core ground moves are allowed, including submissions. Then there is online game play where you can play against over thousands of people that still play the game.

The last one is Career Mode, you can develop a customized character to the way you want he or she to look but it sort of depends because the options may not always match up to par with the creator’s taste. Train your character at various gyms that allow you to learn many styles of fighting — wrestling gyms, striking gyms, jiu jitsu gyms, and kickboxing gyms.

Gain over millions of fans and millions of dollars from being the G.O.A.T, connect to your fans, predict your fights, do interviews, commercials, photoshoots, and much more. Take on the bigger dogs in the 8-sided war arena, throwing the most devastating knees, punches, kicks to the liver of your opponent. Learn the best Jiu Jitsu to have the grappling advantages over your opponent. Tons of training with no break can lead to a bit of wear and tear, take physical therapy, cold therapy and ice baths to heal your injuries to jump right back into the action.

You’ll be amazed with the moves this game has to offer when you fight, when it varies to submissions and lots of different ways to knock your opponent out. Cranked Kimuras, flying armbars, Gogoplatas, Omoplatas, guillotines, anacondas, twisters and much more.

I guarantee you that all of you who love UFC or any form of mixed martial arts will love this game. You can get this game for the EA Pass, or you can buy it for about 25-30.00 dollars depending on your region. Join in on the fun and possibly get inspired to become a real life champion yourself!