Palmer is more than entertaining

Palmer is more than entertaining

Nick Wert, staff writer

Palmer is a movie about a man who served 12 years in prison for doing something that was really bad.

His name is Eddie Palmer, who is played by Justin Timberlake. I think this is his best role ever.

Timberlake played his character amazingly. After he got out of prison he went to stay with his grandma and after a day or two of struggling trying to find work he became a janitor at a school. Then out of nowhere life hits him again and stuff starts falling in place and something happens to him and then his neighbors are drug addicts and just left there young son there all by himself.

So Palmer takes care of the boy named Sam. This little boy is just a regular boy but he happens to like little girl stuff and people bully him but Palmer accepts him. Then again stuff happens and the little boy’s mom comes back all cracked out. And she takes him back some stuff happens and child protection services takes the kid and Palmer fights for him.

At the end Palmer ends up with a love interest and maybe a son — you will just have to figure out yourself.  It is exclusively on Apple +tv so get a 7 day free trial and or just pay the $4 a month.

This movie is rated R, but you wouldn’t think so because I find this as a family movie. They show two sex scenes and there is a little bit of partial nudity. I would not have rated this movie as an R, I would have rated it like PG or maybe PG-13. I would give this a number rating of a 10/10. This movie is altogether wholesome.

By far best movie of the year 2021 so far.