Defeating the Odds

Women are succeeding in traditional male-dominated sports


DeAria Kimbrough , Staff Writer

Women right here in the states and as far as Australia are kicking butt in male-dominated sports. Women have always been looked down upon in the sports world, from sexist remarks at being too weak, too emotional to being told they should stay at home.

Not anymore and that’s becoming more and more of a trend. They’re involved and taking challenges at defeating men and their stereotypical standards of women.

Back in 1965, Patti McGee was the first woman to be a National Skateboard Champion. She held the fastest time for a woman on a skateboard set at 47 mph. Now she runs her own skateboard company called The Original Betty Skateboard Co. As recent events in 2010 McGee was inducted into the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

In 2015 Michelle Payne was Australia’s first woman jockey to win the Melbourne Cup in its 155-year existence.

According to the article ‘Get stuffed’: how Michelle Payne and family beat odds to win Melbourne Cup “I would like to say that, you know, it’s a very male-dominated sport and people think we are not strong enough and all of the rest of it. You know what? It’s not all about strength, there is so much more involved, getting the horse into a rhythm, getting the horse to try for you, it’s being patient and I’m so glad to win Melbourne Cup and hopefully, it will help female jockeys from now on to get more of a go. Because I believe that we sort of don’t get enough of a go and hopefully this will help,” Payne said.

Riding on the back of Prince of Penzance the horse’s former rider won the Melbourne Cup back in 2009. Insight of Payne’s win they’re making a movie about her life. Ride Like A Girl is the name of it. Soon to show in theaters in 2018.

Many other outstanding women have competed, challenged and won in sports dominated by men. It all started back in the late 1960s many common women just wanting to do what they want and not just stopping there. From professionals to the countless others right in our own communities. Are just some women winning it for girls around the world?