A Honorable Farewell

Dennis Tackitt retiring from his great position

Margiory Valle, Staff Writer

On August 11th, Chief Financial Officer for the Metropolitan School District Of Wayne Township, Dennis Tackitt, retired from his position.

Tackitt, a Ben Davis alumni, graduated high school in 1973. He recalls many fond memories from his years at BD, mentioning that he enjoyed knowing many fellow students through sports and music. “ I was privileged to be taught by some highly skilled and caring teachers who made lasting impressions in my life”, Tackitt said. “My wife, our daughters and I are all proud BD alumni.  We are grateful for the time we spent in Wayne; the people we met, the wonderful academic, and extracurricular opportunities we received.” 

After high school, Tackitt received a Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from IUPUI and a MBA from Butler university. Tackitt’s desire to positively impact Wayne’s students was what pushed him into becoming chief financial officer.

As a chief financial officer, Tackitt was in charge of the district’s finances and operations. He would spend most of his time reviewing bank balances, attending meetings and securing long term funding for future building improvements. “My biggest accomplishment was the hiring of talented, caring staff members for Finance, Operations, Child Nutrition and Transportation.”, Tackett said. One of the biggest challenges Tackitt remembers facing was 2.  The biggest challenge I have faced is the loss of property tax revenue due to a declining tax base and a state constitutional amendment to cap property taxes. This led to dramatically reduced funding for building sustainability projects, student transportation services and bus replacements.

      A reception for Tackitt was held on August 9th. He’s looking forward to spending time with his wife Kathy, of 41 years, and his four grandchildren.

     Tackitt mentions that he will miss the people he had the opportunity to work with everyday. “The best part of my job was that I got to work with Dr. Butts, his cabinet and other professionals who consistently place students first as they make decisions.” 

Tackitt without a doubt helped lead MSD of Wayne Townships through any hardships, and demonstrated leadership that helped the district run smoothly. His hard work and dedication will never be forgotten.