He never forgets his roots

Garnell started as a track star, and now helps other

Vince Garnell was a standout athlete at Ben Davis before graduating in 1994. Now 20 years later, Garnell is a success in the business world with photography and as a personal trainer in Chicago. A love for life and fitness, Vince Garnell has truly become a true success story.


Q:  How BD impacted your life and career?

A: There are some aspects of my life that I carry around with me from high school. I was in the DECA Marketing program and I took a business law class while I was there. These two classes teach the fundamentals of how to get your business started and continue to grow your business.


I was also a two sport athlete which forced me to have advanced PE year round. I embraced that opportunity because I loved to work out and still do today.


Q:   Out of the 4(personal trainer, coach, photographer, and Entrepreneur) which one is your favorite?


A: I don’t have a favorite. They are a part of me and it allows me to be versatile in my lifestyle. My days are never the same and it is never routine or boring.  With photography I love displaying my creative side.  As a personal trainer/coach I love teaching others on how to improve their health and/or athletic skills.


Q: Best memory from BD?



A:  My best memories are from being on the track team.  I loved the big meets and camaraderie that our team had. We supported each other more than any other team I had ever been on before and after my high school days.


Q: How long have done your work?


A:  I have been a personal trainer/coach for 16 years and a photographer for 11 years.


Q:   Do you feel that BD prepared you for life after HS?


A:  In many ways it did. Not just in the classroom but socially as well.


Q:  Is there a teacher at BD that had a big impact in your life?


A:  I wouldn’t say a big impact but I have learned from two men just by watching how professional they were and how they carried themselves.  Coach Terry Strahm and Head Trainer Mark Lahr.


Q:  What was your career goal in High School, and did you accomplish it?


A:  Of course. My career goal has always been to work for myself since Elementary School.  I accomplished it by focusing hard on the subjects I needed to learn.  Then applying those tools from the classroom to the real world.