Family ties

Calabro uses west side heritage to excel in broadcasting

Dave Calabro, a sportscaster for Channel 13, graduated from Ben Davis in 1981. He comes from a deep family connection to Wayne Township; his father has served as school board president and his brother Kevin also has excelled as a sports broadcaster.

Dave has won many awards for his work. His journalism career began here at Ben Davis and he has spent many evenings covering Ben Davis events.

Calabro answers a few questions about his time at BD.Tre (69)

Q:      What extra-curricular activities were you involved in?

I was class president for 3 years…student council member….Baseball…Tennis (we won the first ever Regional Title in Tennis)

Q: What was your favorite high school hang out?

Noble Romans at 10th and Girls School…and Chapel Hill park.

Q: Briefly explain your career path after high school.

I went to Butler University and got a degree in Broadcasting/journalism and I have spent tha past 22 years at channel 13

Q:  What do you like best about your job?

Every day is a challenge.  Every day is different. I meet some incredible people and get to do some neat things.

Q: What is your favorite sports memory of all the events you have covered?

I have covered six Olympic games all over the world, from Russia to London and Italy. I have covered seven or eight uper Bowls.

I have interviewed three US Presidents and so many famous sports figures.  It is impossible to pick just one memory.

Q: How do you like covering Ben Davis games when you get the chance?

It is always fun to come home. I love the westside…I am proud to be a BD Giant.

Q: What type of impact did Ben Davis have on your life?

Ben Davis is where my ‘dreams’ hatched.  I loved working on WBDG. I felt like the teachers really cared about me. The teachers guided me but also let me make mistakes and grow.   I hope other BD students discover their passion and go for it.  Set those dreams high and then you have to WORK and WORK to get there. I learned my work ethic in Chapel Hill from my parents and then BD helped me chase it.