Giants win thriller over Pike

Overtime game was simply amazing


Tre Redeemar

Assistant Patrick Shanley raises his arms high as the Giants celebrate a 49-48 overtime win over Pike.

Incredible. Unbelievable. Amazing.

Pick your adjective. Combine all three of the above adjectives and you have a description of Saturday’s thrilling 49-48 overtime win against conference and sectional rival Pike. It was the second highest scoring game in school history.

The final score tells everything about how exciting this overtime win was and how evenly these two teams matched up. Ben Davis edged out a victory in overtime thanks to a blocked kick in overtime by senior Tony Allen. The Giants followed that block by senior Cody Turpen throwing the game winning touchdown to senior Michael Beaty.

Both teams were statistically the same at the end of the game, with more than 400 total yards and nearly 900 yards together.

This game featured numerous big plays. One of the biggest came in the second quarter.

With Pike leading 22-7, the Red Devils were on the BD one-yard line and were looking to go up 29-7 before Ben Davis forced a fumble and returned the ball to midfield. Two plays later junior Dorian Tate ran 34 yards up the middle to make the score 22-14.

Equally as exciting was a wild fourth quarter that featured a missed field goal by Pike that would have given them a 10-point lead with less than two minutes left.

The Giants then moved the ball 80 yards in two plays with Beaty catching the first of two TD passes from Turpen. Ben Davis then got the ball back and moved it to the six yard line in the closing seconds before time ran out, setting up the overtime excitement.

The Giants and the Red Devils were both neck and neck in the passing game with the Giants winning by three yards (238-235). It was the same for rushing yards, but with the Giants winning by 13 yards (203-190).

Defensively the teams battled for turnovers to get an edge, but Ben Davis won causing six fumbles, and recovering four. Leading the way for the defense was Asmar Bilal with 10 tackles, Albert Williams with 3 tackles, 1 sack, and 1 forced fumble, and Tony Allen with 6 tackles and a blocked kick in overtime.

The battle between these two teams was an unforgettable one, and if these two teams meet again in the IHSAA tournament, it is bound to be another unforgettable battle.

The win moves the Giants to 3-2 overall and 2-1 in the conference. Ben Davis hosts Lawrence Central for homecoming this Friday.