2017-2018 Staff

Hera Boyd


I’m Hera Boyd, I’m a senior and this year I’m serving as co-editor-in-chief. I’ve been with this publication for three...

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Abbagail Speitel


Hi my name is Abbagail Speitel and I am a senior here at Ben Davis. This is my second year on the BdSpotlight staff and this ...

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Evelyn Sanchez

Online Editor

My name is Evelyn. I'm currently a senior at Ben Davis. This is my third year of publications and this is my second year in Spotlight....

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Natalie Ruiz

Sports Co-editor

Hello! My name is Natalie and I'm a senior. This is my third year writing for Spotlight. I am co-editor for the sports sectio...

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Margiory Valle

Sports Co-editor

Hey! I'm Margiory Valle, a senior at Ben Davis. This year I’m a sports page co-editor and it's my second year in Spotlight. ...

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Reeya Patel

Opinions Editor

My name is Reeya Patel and I’m a junior at BD. This is my second year of Spotlight, and am lucky enough to be the opinions page ...

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Luna Stinson

Features Editor

I’m Luna, a Junior here at BD and the Features Editor at the Spotlight. As a writer, I have a passion for creativity, and I...

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Kaitlyn Perez

Photo Editor

Hi, My name is Kaitlyn and I’m a senior at Ben Davis High School. I am a photographer for the BD spotlight. I love going out ...

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Jennie Leeper

News Editor

Hi, I’m Jennie Leeper and I am junior here at BD. I am the News editor of Spotlight and I love writing news and political stor...

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Abby Beaumont

Entertainment Editor

I’m Abby Beaumont and I’m a junior at BD. I’ve previously been titled Features Editor in the Ben Davis Spotlight, but am...

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Tori Mutchman


I'm Tori. I'm a junior and a photographer for Spotlight.

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Nellie Spence


Hi, my name is Nellie Spence. Thing’s that I take interest in consist of anime, Kpop (stan BTS), drawing, and music. ...

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Estela Alberton


I'm Estela. I'm currently a junior and photographer for Spotlight.

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Candice Moedano


Hi I'm Candice Marie. Soccer player. Photographer.

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Joe Bates

Graphic Designer

I’m Joe Bates,period 1 Illustrator. I’m a Senior. My Interests include music,comics,drawing. I’m a very quiet person,who likes to ...

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Monaya McIntyre


My name is Monaya McIntyre, and I just came here from Cardinal Ritter. I am a sophomore and i'm on the varsity cheer team. I've...

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Parker Levy


I love to write, play drums, and video games. I’m currently a Junior, and play Bass 5 in marching band.

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Maya Green


I’m a senior class of 2018. I’m artistic and creative and love art and designing and being free.    ...

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Jessica Tello


      My name is Jessica Tello. I am 17 years old. My birthday is on May 19. I am a senior and I am excited to graduate. I...

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Emily Atwell

Writer and Photographer

My role in Spotlight is a writer/photographer. I enjoy writing music columns and taking pictures at musical events. And when I...

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Sebastian Boyd


My name is Sebastian Boyd I am a sophomore.This is my first year on staff I am a photographer. I like to get schwifty, I love ...

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Alyssa Toner

Writer and Graphic Designer

Hi. I would just like to start out saying, i love to draw. My favorite thing to do on in my free time is draw or watch things on...

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Yoselin Prudencio


My name is Yoselin Prudencio, I’m 16 years old, and I take pictures. My favorite hobbies include reading, listening to music, an...

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Sydney Brown


My name is Sydney Brown. I'm part-human, part-unicorn. A sophomore, writes for newspaper, plays basketball, runs cross country ...

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Noe Urbina


Hi, my name is Noe, I like shoes and taking pictures (:

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Malashia Pringle


Hi! This is Malashia Pringle, Im 17 years old and currently a senior. One thing you should know is i love writing. Ever since i...

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Makayla Reedus


My name is Makayla Reedus. I am a junior at Ben Davis. This is my 2nd year on the BD Spotlight staff. I am an eccentric nerd. ...

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Joey Chadwick


Hi, I’m Joey I’m a new writer on the this year’s staff. I write short stories outside of school and I love Lana Del Rey ...

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Isiah Willoughby


I’m Isiah Willoughby and I am a Junior at Ben Davis High School and I enjoy taking pictures.

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Tori Mitchell


HI! I’m Tori Mitchell and i like GIRAFFES.

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Hayden Cohrs


Im Hayden, I’m a junior and i've been a writer for Spotlight since my Sophomore year. I enjoy pasta and cats....

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Erika Chavez


Hi my name is Erika. I'm a Junior. I take pictures.

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Christian Sanchez


My name is Christian Sanchez. I am a senior photographer for BD Spotlight. Im also an inside linebacker for the school football team. T...

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Brizzet Torres


My name is Brizzet Torres. I'm a Senior and this is my first year as a photographer for Spotlight. 

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Anna Eggers


Sophomore, writer, dreamer. “We are all collateral damage for someone’s beautiful ideology, all of us inanimate in the ...

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Ana Karen Cruz


My name is Ana Karen. I'm a lazy and a photographer for Spotlight.

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Alexia Sinclair


Hi! I'm Alexia Sinclair, I'm a Junior and I'm a photographer for Spotlight. I'm passion about visual expression and art of al...

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Alexander Doty


Hi my name is Alexandra (Alex) I’m 18, a senior, and this is my first year on BD Spotlight. I like sports and Art. I’m ty...

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Aubrey Fain


My name is Aubrey Fain. I am a Junior and I am in Varsity Show Choir and Cheerleading at BD. I’ve also enjoyed being a competitiv...

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