Gambits in an iron cage

Staffer recounts his first BD baseball game

The air is light, the ground is dusty and there is a sent in the air. The equipment is ready and the players eager to start. The balls are fresh. Spectators wait patiently. It is about that time. That time to play ball.

Wednesday night’s baseball game was one for the books. Though it was my first, it was the most exciting and heart stopping game I have ever experienced.

The game began with a brush of the wind against the player’s face. The Giants were ready to go against the Warren Central Warriors. On the field, it seemed like a straight up classic game, but deep down, it was between two survivors. The Giants vs the Warriors, a classic clash, both in baseball and in fanatical stories.

Before continuing, people must understand that baseball is a gambit. Though coaches may have strategies and plans, at the bat, it is a different atmosphere. The pitcher stands on the mound that plays his cards with bluffs, while the hitter has to call those bluffs or fold. The rest of the players are waiting for their turn, hoping that their luck will be with them when they put it all in the pot.

Returning to the game at hand, it started slow. The first couple innings ended with the score of 0-0. The only daring gambit started early when a Warrior made a diving catch for the Giants ball.

The real battle started in the third inning when Warren stopped testing their cards and through luck to the wind. They got two runs, changing the score to 2-0. The game was getting heated, and through the next couple of innings, victory seemed bleak.

But it was still too early to tell, and with everyone still having high hopes, we waited. Then it came, like a phoenix out of the ashes.

The Giants made one run through the bases, changing the score to 2-1. The intensity from the coaches of both teams ran high and the only other gambit came from the fourth inning when a Giant made a role to catch a ball.

As the game raged on, three things were for certain. First base caught most of the pitcher’s action for most of the night with a little of second base on the side. There was always one player left anticipating to run when the inning was over. And everyone knew that the umpire forgot his glasses this game, because he was blind.

The game was electric. There were foul balls flying everywhere. Up, down side ways. It seemed the main goal of the game was not to get hit in the head. But then it happened. The flying balls died and miracles started to happen. In the sixth inning, the Giants created a complete turnaround with three complete runs. This leveled and exceeded the current score to 2-4.

As the Giant’s luck ran out, they headed toward the field. All was quiet. All they had to do was survive three hitters and the game was theirs. The first hitter stood up to bat. The ball was heated to the point that it would burn red hot. The pitch was thrown not once, not twice, but three times, sticking the hitter. The next Warrior stepped up to the plate. Hopes were high and the sweat was runny, this hitter caught a couple of fouls, but soon left empty handed. Two out of the three had gone and lost, and only one remained.

The last hitter was a true warrior. His name was that of a Nordic ravager and his body resembled that of a lumberjack and bear hybrid. Anticipation rose. People were on the edge of their seats. The final battle of the Giants vs the Warriors had come. The battle had been an exciting one, but it all came down to this. One shot was fired, and missed by the bat.

The sweat rolled down the faces of the players and half price hot dogs were being sold at the time. The second shot fired, and nearly missed the bat by inches. It came down to one more swing. If the warrior made it, then there was a shot at Warren winning. But if he missed, it was a crowning victory for the Ben Davis Giants.

The last ball left the fingers of the pitcher’s hand. It traveled in a fast swirling motion that was caught in a screen by screen photo capture. The ball entered the hitter’s view. The bat was released from its chain. The Giant came close to the Warriors sword, it was a nail biter. All that was heard was a silence then a whoosh. The dramatic ongoing battle ended, and the Giants wore the crowns.

All was played fairly and well. The battle left little wounds, but all was forgiven. As the team exited the dugout, pride came across their faces as the sweet wind rolled back in at the end of the game. The game was a hook for newcomers.

So next time you don’t have anything to do, just stop by the baseball field and experience the gambits in an iron cage.