Vervynckt’s views: Father Time is the ultimate champion

When is the ‘proper’ time to retire

Vervynckt’s views: Father Time is the ultimate champion

There’s one person you can’t beat in sports is father time.

It’s a fine line between still being the best to being on the decline. And it’s an issue that faces all sports teams regardless of sport, league or team. It’s an issue that moved Brett Farve from one of the all-time greats to a washed up pro still trying to find his place in the league at 43.

It is a problem that faces all players and it’s the thing that bothers them every day, when to hang up their boots and call it quits.

As much as they hate to admit it, players only have a certain amount of time to make their mark. Some are lucky like a Tom Brady who goes from a sixth round drafted nobody to four-time Super Bowl champion.

But when do players need to retire? When they stop performing? If that were the case no players would ever retire and we’d see 70 year olds running around, well not running more like briskly walking, during NFL games swearing up and down the wall that they still got it.

This is why more often than not teams are the ones that have to part ways before the player. Like when Peyton Manning was released by the Colts, or when Joe Montana went to the Chiefs, or Shaq being traded from team to team, I could go on for hours.

The problem of breaking up a dynasty because the players are slowing down is an issue that still plagues fans, In my case I have my beloved New England Patriots wondering how much longer we’ll have Tom Brady, or Liverpool F.C. having to move on without club legend and captain Steven Gerrard as he departs for the L.A. Galaxy.

Or the Yankees having to move forward without legend Derek Jeter. It’s a problem that faces most teams. Especially in the NFL’s salary cap era, teams are getting disbanded faster and faster.

Like the Eagles, LeShawn McCoy their best player now plays for the Buffalo Bills. Nick Foles now plays for the St. Louis Rams and Sam Bradford now plays for Eagles. These leagues are making it harder and harder for us to enjoy our teams because the teams look different every year.

With players retiring and salary cap issues, dynasties are dying. And the further we run with the salary cap, the harder it will be to be a sports fan.