A case for Castner

These are Mr. Football numbers

Kyle Castner

We know we are bias and we know senior Kyle Castner is one of our own, but Castner has played varsity quarterback since his freshman year and has put up numbers worthy of being voted the 2014 Indiana Mr. Football. Here’s why.


Completions: 258

Attempts: 406

Completion percentage: 63.5

Touchdowns 32

Interceptions: 10

Yards: 3,271


Completions: 569

Attempts: 900

Completion percentage: 63.2

Touchdowns: 61

Interceptions: 36

Yards: 6,746

These numbers were put up against one of the toughest schedules in the state (Ben Davis’s schedule this year is rated No. 2 toughest on the state).