Giants prepare for sectionals

Team to use next two games to focus on state title run

Following a tough loss at Carmel last weekend, a plethora of changes were instilled in order to get the Giant football team back on track.

“We came out unfocused and not ready to play a football game. There was a different type of energy on the field and on the sideline than normal. The focus this week in practice have been energy and passion because you can’t win a high school football game without them,” senior Demarco Henry said.

Practices have been hyped up with music playing over the speaker system at the stadium. If there was one thing the Giants were lacking, it was aggression.  The coaches have installed a one vs. one session at the end of practice, which has been the most exciting part of practice.

The team has had a great week of practice and has really picked it up. They look forward to keeping the ball rolling against Lawrence Central today and North Central next Friday. Hopefully the momentum can lead the team to the state championship in late November.

On a brighter note senior quarterback Kyle Castner has had a record-breaking season. He has now surpassed 2001 graduate James Banks’ 5,074 yards for the most yards in school history. When asked how it feels to throw the most passing he put it very plainly

“It feels good ” Castner said.

The team has been going through a rough week in an overall fruitful season. The future looks bright as long as the Giants learn from their mistakes.

The state tournament draw in Sunday at 7 p.m.  so check back Sunday night to see who we open with.