Figueiredo finds his comfort zone

Brazilian exchange student excels in tennis, football


Carlin Underwood

Sophomore Lucas Figueiredo kicks an extra point against Lawrence North. The exchange student also excels at No. 2 singles on the tennis team.

Lucas Figueiredo recently had a major life change.

Figueiredo moved here from Brazil to Ben Davis in mid-August. Showing up a few weeks early to a school of 3,000 and finding a niche can be hard in a place that moves this quick.

However, Figueiredo has shined. He joined the football team and got called up to be the kicker during the football game at Center Grove and hasn’t failed us since.

“I was a little scared when I first kicked, but when I scored my first extra point I was so happy, All my friends were like ‘good job lucas’ and I was screaming.” Figueiredo said.

“I feel so happy because I realized my dream, all that I’m doing here it’s a part of my dream, it’s amazing to play on the football team and represent this high school” Figueiredo said.

Figueiredo also has shined on the tennis court playing as the number 2 single with a 15-7 record on varsity.

“I started to play tennis when I was 8. I practiced for two years every single day 2 to 6”

The hard work has definitely paid off, he is the second single player for varsity and is looking to be a big contender in sectionals. Lucas’s arrival has not only been great for him, but also for us

“I met more friends than I thought. I feel so happy to be here, I feel like staying here is better.” Lucas has been a person you can’t help but love and helps to show us how liberating and happy being yourself can be. Figueiredo is pleased to have found a home at Ben Davis.


Favorite Restaurant: In Brazil- Porcao, a barbecue restaurant. In Indianapolis- Fogo de Chao a brazilian steakhouse.

When given one wish: “I would go to the Colts game against the Patriots”

Favorite Animal: “Dogs, I have two dogs in Brazil that I miss.”