Super Bowl predictions

A few coaches and athletes from BD predict who will win at the Super Bowl this Sunday.


“I think Seattle will win the Super bowl because defense wins championships.”

Score Prediction: 27-24

Shanley :

“I think Seattle will win because they are more of a cold weather team.”

Score Prediciton: 20-17


I think Denver will win because of Peyton Manning.”

Score Prediction: 24-21


“ The Denver Broncos will win the Super Bowl because Peyton Manning is the most prolific Quarter Back in the NFL and Richard Sherman just added fuel to the fire.”

Score Predictions:


“I think the Broncos will win because they have the best quarterback in the NFL even in below 40 degree weather Peyton Manning has the brains to defeat the Seahawks.”

Score predictions: 28-24


“Denver, Peyton Manning will explode out it’s his year.”

Score Predictions: 24-17.


“Broncos will win; Peyton manning is going to be more prepared than Russell Wilson.”

Score Prediction: 35-24


“The Seahawks will win because they have the best defense.”

Score Prediction: 24-17

Kyle Castner:

“I think the Broncos will win; Peyton Manning can beat them with no problem”

Score Prediction: 38-24


“I think the Broncos will win, they are a more experienced team and have more leadership.”

Score Predictions: 32-24