Fall of the leaf

One writer describes why she likes the turn of the calendar


Joleth Herrera, staff writer

Fall is right around the corner. As many of you know, September 22 is the transition from Summer to Fall.

Personally, Fall is my favorite season. I love everything about Fall. Every year we see new trends emerge for the Fall time. Some of the classic trends you might see could be going out for a nice pumpkin spice latte, visiting a pumpkin patch, and visiting a park to see the leaves change colors. All of these can be very fun, of course to each their own but there are many other activities to do during the Fall time since there is a warm and toasty time of Fall as well as a crisp and chilly time of Fall.

Some people prefer enjoying Fall in the comfort of their home and others may enjoy Fall out in the open. Whichever way you prefer, know that there are plenty of activities for both. Who says Fall needs a limitation?

When I think of Fall, I think of the colors orange and brown, the pumpkins I see at every place I go to, apple cider, cozy hoodies, and so many more things. One of my favorite ways to spend a nice Fall day is to set my house to a cool temperature, throw on some fuzzy socks, get a couple of blankets, maybe turn on a Fall scented candle, then binge-watch any shows that remind me of Fall.

Fall Must-Have Purchases

The Fall season is the perfect time to shop for cold weather clothing. Many stores put out the usual orange, brown, and yellow clothes for this time of the year since it’s what we see all around. Go to your local mall and get a new crewneck or hoodie for the season. If you’re more of a casual dresser I’d suggest going into any major department store.

Every year the brand UGGs makes a great appearance among many different groups of people, their variety and comfort of shoes make for a great purchase during the Fall season. If you have an early morning and can hardly find an outfit to put together, always trust a pair of UGGs as they pretty much go with any outfit. 

I go crazy for anything that is Fall scented. Candles are nice to have during any time of the year but they’re even better to have during the Fall season because they can come in so many different smells. If you go to a store such as Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle you should splurge on the candles because although they can get pricey their smell is very strong, long-lasting, and cozy. As I said earlier there are two stages of Fall, warm and toasty then crisp and chilly. For the more crisp and chilly days, you might want to have a good perfume and lotion to protect your skin and smell nice.

Fall Foods

Most places make their pumpkin-flavored items seasonal but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy them every day that they’re available. Try out pumpkin pie at 10 different locations or go to a bakery and splurge some more on all the different desserts that come with the Fall time. For all my hot beverage drinkers, I suggest trying out a local coffee shop instead of Starbucks. There might be a new drink for you to try instead of the traditional pumpkin spice latte. If you’re into cold beverages or cold desserts definitely visit a local ice cream shop to see what they come up with for Fall.

Spend some of your own time in the kitchen making traditional Fall food. Whether it be from scratch or something boxed, try something new out. Make a pumpkin cheesecake for a change or pumpkin bread. Don’t think that just because I have said the word pumpkin about 1,000 times already it is what you have to do, some people don’t like pumpkin and that’s fine. Kick off your fall season with something cinnamon flavored or even something chocolate flavored as all these flavors combine during the overall colder months.

Try to make Fall-shaped foods! It can be so fun to be in the kitchen for hours trying to perfect a leaf or acorn cookie. If you really enjoy baking then you should take things to the next step and bake with pastry to see what you can whip up. If you’re more of a cook rather than a baker, you too can take things to the next step if you work with non-traditional Fall foods to make them seem like traditional Fall foods.

Fall Activities

Search the web for a local carnival or fair near you and visit it. Go to a pumpkin patch even if you don’t like pumpkins because you could buy one to carve it, have it as decoration, or even take pictures with it. Catch a hayride while you’re at the pumpkin patch. Heck, why not go into the corn maze and see how you get through? I definitely recommend going through a corn maze with a group of friends because just for a moment you might feel stuck or lost. 

My family always enjoys going to a nice recreation park to see the transition of the leaves. We usually dress up in Fall colors and take pictures. Nothing makes for better scenery in pictures than nature at its most beautiful time of the year. If you have a big family this photo shoot would be an amazing idea to get everyone together in color-coordinating outfits or even matching outfits. Some people find their pets to be their best friends, so hey, bring them along as well. Let the little ones see the beauty of Fall.

Did somebody say sing The Campfire Song? You along with your family and friends could sing The Campfire Song if you throw a huge campfire party. Get some people to grill, get some people to make fun drinks, and get some people to bring marshmallows which is of course the best part of a campfire. Make sure to stay safe during a campfire and have fun because once you have a crowd going everyone can have a good time.