Where’s the snow?


Lexi Bordenkecher, editor

Indiana is known for many things, but unfortunately snow is not one of them.

This year marks the 44th anniversary of the blizzard of ‘78, a rarity in Indy’s history. This blizzard brought upwards of 20 inches of snow to many places in the state, with snow drifts adding to the totals.

Nearly a half-century later, there was less than half an inch of snow between December 1st and mid-January. This is the lowest since 1932.

This isn’t to say that snow has disappeared from the climate all together. Many storm systems develop in the midwest but then progress to the northeast. Boston, MA reached a record breaking snowfall only a few weeks ago with nearly two feet of snow in one day.

And despite the 7.6 inches of snow that fell on February 3 — a record for that day — Indianapolis is still way behind its yearly average.

Indianapolis averages 26.4 inches of snaow each winter with snow falling on 22 days annually. This year, Indianapolis has had less than 10 inches of snow on three days or measured snow fall.

Indianapolis seemingly has one big snow a year, and that’s it. For snow-lovers, that isn’t enough.

In 2018, 11 inches of snow fell in late March. This happened to be over spring break, and several people were stranded in their vacation locations. 2021 also brought us close to a total close to 11 inches on President’s day, and just last week the Indianapolis Airport reported 7 inches of snow following Winter Storm Landon. 

So, if you are a snow-lover, don’t give up hope. You can hope for at least one satisfactory snowfall a year.