Purrble leads 2021 gift list


Zoe Harris, staff writer

The holidays are getting closer and closer, and it’s a good idea to get ahead of the rush of getting all your gifts. Here are some of the hottest Christmas gift ideas this year.

Starting off with tech gifts, the Google Nest Cam Indoor Wired, Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless in-ear buds, and the Apple AirTag tracker are popular presents for this year.

In the age where everything is about accessibility, it’s easy to see why these gifts are popular. The indoor camera gift by Google helps people keep an eye on the important things in their homes. Wireless earbuds go without explanation, and these seem to be very good quality.  AirTags help people keep track of their belongings. You might consider one of these popular Christmas gift ideas for the upcoming holiday.

Another exciting category for Christmas gift ideas is clothing. Christmas is the perfect time to ask for things you don’t want to buy yourself. The most popular clothing item ideas are socks, boots, and robes. Though boring presents to some, they are necessities. If you want your loved one to be cozy all winter, you might get them something like this.

The hottest Christmas gifts when it comes to kids’ toys are the Purrble, which is a “cuddly interactive toy has seven sensors that respond to touch. When someone picks the cute stuffed animal up, its “heartbeat” speeds up to 135 bpm but slows to a soft purr the more you pet it.”

I think more than just kids would enjoy it.

Another popular Christmas gift idea is Mini Brands. They are, “a plastic sphere called 5 Surprise Mini Brands. Children buy it (for anywhere between $5 and $15) and peel it apart to reveal five tiny replicas of branded supermarket products from corporate conglomerates such as Unilever, Hormel, and Kikkoman.” This also sounds like a very interesting and fun present to give for Christmas. 

Though these tips may be useful, any gift should be enjoyed if it’s from the heart.