State fair is tons of fun

State fair is tons of fun

Leslie Hernandez, staff writer

Craving food and fun ? Go to the Indiana state fair.

The state fair is finally here what a great way to enjoy the weather. Make sure to go before it’s over. I had a really good time it was the perfect weather and the fair had an amazing setting. Some of my favorite things about the state fair would be the food and the wide variety of things to do.

This year the fair started on July 30 and will end on August 22. The state fair is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Wednesday the fair is open from 9 a.m. to 10 p.m. and on Thursday thru Sunday the fair is open from 9 a.m. to 11 p.m. Make sure to arrive before 8 pm the state fair will not allow people to come after 8 pm.

A treat I highly recommend trying while at the state fair is fried Oreos. The state fair added new food some of the new additions are bacon mac and cheese, buttermilk wafflewich, fruity pebble funnel cake, frozen mocha coffee, and many more additions. I didn’t get to try these but they sound amazing I cant wait to go and try these when I go again.

A ride I enjoyed was the skyline it gives a great view of the fair and it might be scary at first but over a while, you get used to the feeling of being up in the air.

The state fair had a Hoosier cruiser super wheel it’s basically a fancy Ferris wheel and is the biggest Ferris wheel in Indiana. Midway rides wrist bands are $35 and are only valid on certain days if you are not planning to get on all rides it’s best to get tickets instead.

This year the tractor shuttles are free meaning you don’t have to walk as much. If you are planning to save money the fair has $3 Thursdays meaning that gate admissions, selected food, and midway rides are just $3. They also have free family and friend activities such as ping pong, putt putt, and cornhole that are free.

The state fair has a great variety of things to look at there is a city of bricks, a pioneer village, animal yoga, and much more. The city of bricks is a cool place to take pictures and play with legos.

If you’re feeling bored and need an escape from school go to the state fair with your family or friends it’s a great experience that everyone should experience.