Squire discusses the year

Zion Brown, sports editor

With Ben Davis entering its final week of school, Sandra Squire took the time to recap how this challenging year has gone. This is a sequel to a previous Q&A with Ms. Squire in September of 2020.

Q: Given the stress that everyone had at the beginning of the school year, how do you think this year went?

A: “I think the year has gone remarkably well. Our staff and students have learned to roll with the changes, and our kids have shown amazing resistance. We have seen great student products and success which shows us that there is a reason they call us Giants.”

Q: Is there anything you feel could have (or should have) been different or better about the school year?

A: “I think we made the best decisions we could, based on the facts we had, every step of the way. I wish we had been more ready for a 1:1 environment but I think our staff members have shown they can learn new technologies quickly.”

Q: What is the preparation for the 2021-22 school year beginning to look like?

A: “Right now we are preparing like we would for a normal year, but ready to be flexible in a moment. Summer school will have all the same protocols (masks, social distancing) and we will just need to see what next year will bring. We will continue to make decisions that are based on science and facts, keeping the safety of everyone in mind.”

Q: Do you think some of the protocols from this year will be lifted next school year? If so, which ones?

A: “I have stopped trying to predict tomorrow.  We will take one day at a time.”

Q: Which changes that were made this year do you expect to remain the same?

A: “I think that many teachers have learned to flip the classroom. They can record their lectures and spend class time working one on one with students. We need to make technology our friend. It should not just be read this and answer these questions-that is boring in the classroom and even more so at home! But we can use technology to enhance learning both in person and at home. I also hope that many of my off site meetings can remain virtual. I know we enjoy face to face meetings, but it is great to save drive time.”

Q: Any last thoughts as we close out this school year?

A: “I just want to thank our students for being amazing. I learn from you daily. You teach me how to be resilient, flexible, and joyful in the face of historic trauma. I think about the moment in The Wiz where [they sang] Be a Lion. I cried because it made me think about the courage you ALL possessed this year.  You kept “tryin’, tryin’ tryin.'” Wherever the future takes each of you, as some of you leave us for college and careers, I just want to say thank you for showing me how to stand strong and tall.”