Mental health is not a joke


We often forget that celebrities are people too. We often think of celebrities of higher ups, people that are so much more superior that they couldn’t possibly have the same experiences as us. Sure there are fans who pretty much worship celebrities, but then there are always haters and the biggest haters are the media. 

The way reporters and interviewers attack these celebrities is despicable. They make it their goal to dehumanize and tear down these celebrities as much as possible, and their favorite thing to talk about is mental health.

For example, take the case of Britney Spears. In the past, the media’s favorite thing was to talk about Britney and how unstable she was. For some reason, it was all the tabloids would talk about, whether it was about how bad of a mother she was, her relationship with Justin Timberlake or her mental health. The media just couldn’t have enough of her. They made her an object that they could play with, and demonized her where she had no say in anything they had to say about her.

Mental health was a big thing they would talk about too, but not to spread awareness or anything. The media used mental health as a way to demonize celebrities, to portray them as crazy. Whether they had any or not, they turned these supposed issues against them, along with the world. This seems to happen with any big stars, especially successful women. The media likes to tear them down, because for some reason, this is the best way to get good ratings. These strong successful women, Lady Gaga, Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan and so much more, are made laughingstocks in the paper and watched very closely for the smallest slip up to turn into another joke at their expense. 

Until recently the subject of mental health has been a very taboo one, no one wanted to discuss it. But we have been doing better.

People, celebrities included, have been coming out and talking about their mental health, from Demi Lovato talking about her bipolar disorder or Selena Gomez discussing her struggles with depression and anxiety.

The media is doing better too, with the documentary about Britney Spears’ past battles with the press, many people have publicly apologized to her. We are learning that it’s ok to have mental health problems, in fact, most people do. The more we destigmatize it the more normal it can become and easier it can be to heal. It becomes less of a struggle when it doesn’t seem like the whole world is against you, whether it’s a celebrity or a normal person.