Do we actually miss quarantine?

Do we actually miss quarantine?

Mary Adams, lifestyle editor

If you have Tik Tok, you have seen the videos of people talking about the original quarantine. Some of the popular trends were whipped coffee, making bread, and Chloe Ting workouts. But why have we been missing this time period? 

During the quarantine, people changed a lot. Quarantine made physical and mental changes on people.

A lot of people cut or dyed their hair, and some people grew it out. Covid hair was a thing. 

People who had hair dye finally put it to use. Without having to go anywhere, people felt more comfortable having fun with their hair. Another popular trend was doing Chloe Ting workouts. The most popular of these workouts was her “Get Abs in 2 Weeks” challenge. The challenge was short, so it seemed easier to finish than a month-long challenge. 

Another popular trend was making foods. Some of the popular things to make was whipped coffee and bread.

Whipped Coffee, formally called Dalgona coffee, is made of whipping equal parts of water, sugar, and instant coffee, and pouring it over iced milk.

A lot of trends were considered to be “aesthetic,” and whipped coffee definitely falls into this category. Another “aesthetic” food was cloud bread. With just 2 ingredients, this bread is easy to make. The recipe calls for eggs and sugar, and if you want some colored bread, food coloring. Personally, I think this was the worst trend. If you’ve seen people try this bread, they don’t like it.

Considering the main ingredients are sugar and eggs, it tastes like sugar and eggs. This wasn’t the only bread made though. Many people made banana bread. When people went grocery shopping, they stocked up on everything, leading to people having food go bad. It makes sense banana bread would be big over quarantine, the recipe calls for ripe bananas. The rest of the ingredients you probably have at home already. 

But WHY do we miss these trends? Do we actually miss them? Junior Destinee Walker doesn’t.

“I definitely feel different from the tik toks that do miss it,” Walker said. “I believe people were more panicky then, which is understandable.”

Similar to Walker, I feel like people were more worried at the beginning. I feel like most of the people who miss original quarantine miss the hope of everything going back to normal. We all thought it would be better by summer, and we also thought we only had a week off. Another issue Walker addressed was that “a lot of people are taking Covid less seriously now, which is an issue itself.”

People may not actually miss quarantine itself, but the mental state they were in. It all started with a week off of school, but we never knew where it would end up.