Want snow? Think back 43 years


staff report

While no current high school students will remember this, January 25 is remembered by many as one of the snowiest days in Indiana history.

That is because Jan. 25, 1978 ranks as one of the worst snow events in Indiana history. On that day, 15.5 inches of snow fell in Indiana, leaving over 20 inches of snow on the ground at the time thanks to a five inch snowfall that hit the state five days earlier.

That snow blizzard in 1978 left the state paralyzed for three days, with Interstate 465 closing and schools — colleges and high schools — closed for as many as five days.

The state was forced to call out the National Guard to help dig out interstates and roads crippled due to the heavy snowfall. The 15.5 inches received that day is the most for a single day in state history. That amount also contributed to a record 30.6 inches of snow during January of 1978, also a state record.

Indianapolis averages 8.6 inches of snow during thje month of January but this year has received less than three inches. The city averages 25 inches a snow per winter but that total this year is less than eight inches.