Sports have a different feel this fall


Brelyn Lock

Fans practice social distance techniques during a recent home football game.

Corbin Robinson, staff writer

If you have been to Giant Stadium prior to this year, you remember large lines for concessions, a crowded home stands and a student section of at least 200 students.

This year things are different.

“It saddens me because the stands are not full and families can’t come out like they normally would,” administrator Kris Walker Guess said. “I understand why we are doing this, but I miss those crowded stands and all the noise.”

If attending Friday’s homecoming game, you will be one of the 1,000 fans allowed inside the stadium. This is all due to state health guidelines because of the Covid-19 pandemic. High school football games across the state are limited in seating, as are volleyball games and any activity held inside. Most schools have not relaxed guidelines for things like choir shows and theatrical performances, Ben Davis included.

Football games are basically the same from the sidelines, although players and coaches are instructed to wear masks when on the sidelines. Fans also are asked to wear masks and social distance in the stands. Covid-19 restrictions are across the board as the Indianapolis Colts were only allowed 2,500 fans last weekend and will be allowed 7,500 this Sunday when they host the New York Jets.

At Ben Davis, cheerleaders, band and the dance team are still allowed. Covid also caused our homecoming court to shrink from three finalists to two in order to keep the sidelines as clear as possible during the halftime festivities.