Fame isn’t what matters


Lily Kinncik, staff writer


People spend their whole lives worried about what happens after they die – their legacy, what they leave behind, and who tells their stories to future generations.

They spend so much time focused on when they die they forget to live their lives while they have them. Some will go on to better things in life; they’ll become famous, have their names shouted among the crowds, their names in glittering lights, and think ‘this is the life.’


But many won’t. They stay stuck in an office saying that one day they will be glorious. Their name in glittering lights, they won’t be another unsung melody that the world forgets when they’re gone.

They work themselves to the bone – day in and day out – hoping to create something worth remembering. Yet time and time again they will be ignored, pushed under a rug, and forgotten. No one will remember their stories.


And many of those who end up having their stories told to suffer from it. 


They’re no longer people, but objects the masses adore and make into their trophies. They poke at them, display them, and they’re shiny new toys. Their lives are never private. They become stuck in a never-ending cycle of pleasing others before they lose themselves and the very things that made them, them. 


I have a very negative outlook on fame, so when asked to write a piece on it I was completely shocked. I don’t believe fame is something one should strive for in life, or focus your whole life on. That’s no way to live.


Instead, I think you should live your life to become the things you love. If you want to be an artist, go out and paint beautiful paintings that the stars would want to talk about. If you want to write a story, create one worth telling one thousand times over. 


Give your life meaning through your passions, live and experience and become skilled in the things you love. Share it with the world simply to share it. Tell your story through the things that give your life meaning. 


If you do that, I truly think you’ll become something amazing in this life. People will stare in amazement at the beauty and gold you create. They’ll see something more amazing than any song artist, athlete, or poet; they’ll see someone living a happy life without regrets or stress. And they will remember that.


If you want to be famous, go out and make your mark on the world. Who am I to stop you? 


But don’t let your life be consumed by obsession, and become another unsung melody forgotten by the world. Go out and make gold, become someone you yourself can be proud of, and don’t lose yourself in the crowd of a million other people searching for their name in lights.


Go out and live.