Is Valentine’s Day worth the hype?


Mary Adams, managing editor

The short answer is no. but let me explain myself.

My first issue. Why are you buying your partner the same thing everyone else is getting? Like. Just no. By all means, if your partner wants a teddy bear and chocolate go right ahead. But get something they want. I personally would choose a dinosaur or a frog before I chose a bear.

Granted, if someone did get me a teddy bear, I would still love it with my entire being. I just think more people should make their Valentine’s gifts more personal and catered towards who is receiving the gift. If everyone is getting a teddy bear and chocolate, the gift isn’t as special as it could be. 

The second issue. The whole idea of Valentine’s Day just puts too much pressure on everyone. I don’t think any of us have the time or mental capacity to be worried about if we’re going to get something or not, but we stress about it anyways. And it also puts so much unnecessary stress on relationships.

People should be able to focus on each other without feeling like they have to go out of their way to be the best partner they could possibly be, especially compared to other relationships. Also, if you want to go out for Valentine’s Day, everywhere is going to be even more crowded than normal. 

The third point just goes back to the fact that everyone is doing the same thing. If you guys want something to do other than getting dinner please let me know. I would love to give you some creative ideas of what you could do together if you need. 

However, I will say there are a few benefits to Valentine’s Day. Those benefits being all the candy that is on sale the next day.