How does social media affect teenage girls?


Caitlin Merrill, staff writer

Social media can be used for the majority of everything now. However, social media as a whole can be harmful to people and women in particular.

A lot of teenage girls find themselves trying to fit in the stereotypical celebrity or social media star that has a “perfect body” or a “perfect life” when in reality these celebrities lives aren’t always as glamorous as it appears. With the technology that exists in modern time, things such as face tune and photoshop take a good proportion of these celebrities social media posts that instill false visions of what a womans body should look like versus what it actually looks like in real life and not social media.

Celebrities such as the Kardashian family are notorious for using photoshop upon many other tools to present their bodies as more curvy, which is deemed by society as ‘more beautiful’. This tears down teenage and pre teen girls because their bodies don’t look the same way these celebrities with ‘perfect’ bodies do, which instills a image that girls think their bodies should look like because that’s what is socially acceptable and ‘beautiful’ when in reality the celebrities they are looking up to aren’t 100% natural.

Even if photoshop wasn’t being used they’d still be under false impressions of what a growing body should look like. Many celebrities that have “perfect” bodies have gotten plastic surgery to get the ‘perfect’ body.

Excluding the “perfect bodies” celebrities lives can set false impressions on what your life should look like. From events such as the Met Gala, the Grammys, and well known award shows that celebrities attend along with parties and fancy restaurants set impressions that is these celebrities everyday lives because that’s what they share on the internet.

More celebrities share photos of themselves doing stuff high school kids don’t have the opportunity to do then situations that high schoolers could be in, which can affect their mental health as they don’t have the luxurious lifestyle that’s glamourized in social media.