Just wear it right


Mawaddah Aminou, staff writer

Look, ever since Rona reared her ugly head we’ve been stuck wearing these masks. These stupid, air-restricting, face-changing masks that have just made everything so much more difficult. No longer can you walk into a room and know who’s who.

The masks keep us on our toes. They keep us guessing, every corner we turn, thinking “Am I going to recognize anyone today? Will anyone recognize me? Or will I embarrass myself by waving at someone who doesn’t recognize me so they just completely ignore me” (that’s definitely never ever happened to me btw). 

The point is I get it. We all get it. We understand the difficulty and the unneeded stress that comes with having to wear a mask. But please if you’re gonna wear a mask at least wear it right. PLEASE!!! I’m already going through so much. Do not add to my plate by forcing me to see the abomination you call “staying safe”. WHY IS IT UNDER YOUR NOSE??? IT’S NOT CUTE OK PLEASE STOP. 

First of all what’s even the point of you wearing a mask if you’re not wearing it right? You aren’t protecting yourself or anyone else by letting your nose hang out so just pull the mask back up. one simple little move it’s not even that hard.  

Secondly, it’s an abomination of humankind. Like no just stop please. You’re hurting people. Nothing compares to the pain I feel when I see someone walking around like this. Please. Just fix your mask. 

I think it’s gotten to the point where no one cares anymore. We’ve been wearing them so long, everyone thinks it’s whatever. But the U.S has reached literally HALF A MILLION deaths. It’s not over people. It is still very much real and y’all are out here making it worse. 

Let’s all give a big hand to French teacher Brayton Mendenhall, who calls these nose hanging corona spreading murderers out. He really does deserve teacher of the year doesn’t he? Let’s all be like Mendenhall and try our best to stay safe and keep others safe. And for my sake please, please PLEASE just wear it right.