Do your research when it comes to modern day slavery


James McNeal, staff writer

Modern day slavery statistics are alarming.

According to about 40 million people are trapped in modern day slavery across the globe, one in four of them are minors, and almost 71% are women and girls.

Modern day slavery may not be an immediate concern here on the west side of Indianapolis, but it needs to be. This type of slavery is mostly happening in Africa, Asia and the Pacific.

Most people in modern day slavery are threatened to be deported or their family is in debt, or they’re trapped and have no options.

Modern day slavery could be right in front of us and we have no clue — people who are trapped are probably making our clothes, working in factories, or serving our food. Human trafficking, forced early marriage, forced labor and debt labor all are forms of modern day slavery.

We can prevent modern day slavery by volunteering, speaking up, being social, supporting Anti- Slavery Organizations and child sponsorship. We also can take the time to research where the items we purchase on a regular basis come from. Sure, that takes time, but isn’t it worth it to know you are buying items from reputable companies that do not support slave labor.