What does quality education look like?

It is something that means different things to different people

When it comes to the education provided to teenagers by the state of Indiana, the teenage recipients are more interested in quality and not numbers that can be presented in a spreadsheet.

The Spotlight conducted a staff survey about the type of education provided in our state and the consensus was that quality counts. That and real-world application.

“Having the career center, BDU and all of our electives makes our education quality,” sophomore Sarah Smallfoot said.

“The term quality education is an education that is worth receiving,” senior Christine Valencia-Reynoso said. “It should be an all-around education for real life living.”

Valencia-Reynoso isn’t so sure our current education has prepared her for everything she’ll face in life.

“This is my last year of education and I don’t know how to buy a house or get a credit card or buy my taxes,” she said. “But I know how to get up in the morning and be on time or something bad will happen.”

Most teenager polled said they value an education that prepares them for their future and helps them become productive members of society.

For some, that means heading on to a four-year college and to others that means preparing for the workforce. Most students felt that the education they received in Wayne Township offers them both opportunities, but the key is knowing what you have and taking advantage of it.

“Quality education is education given by a teacher that really makes you learn what he or she is teaching and not just giving a class a test and putting a grade in the system because the curriculum says so,” senior Mariangel Morales said. “The quality of a class comes from a teacher and your relationship with them.”

Ben Davis is big on relationship-building. That is why the Impact class was added to our daily schedule five years ago and that is why research shows that students who have a teacher advocate usually performs better in school.

So quality education can mean different things to different people but the end result is preparing students for a productive future in society.