Why and how we should stay healthy

Understanding the importance of starting an exercise routine


Jazmine Mays, writer

Are you really getting the exercise we need every day?

If not, you are going in a really bad path of having health problems.

When it comes to your health, you have to make sure you’re fully hydrated with fresh, clean water and have a healthy diet. With those two combined, your body will stay healthy and provide all the nutrients for each body part and organ in order for them to process well in your system.

But, what happens if we don’t have a balanced diet and we aren’t hydrated enough?

When you don’t have a balanced diet, you’re basically putting yourself in a bad situation that includes heart problems, diabetes, obesity and even premature death. Most of the people in America are morbidly obese and really unhealthy.

Fast food restaurants is a big reason why Americans are getting fatter. More than 68 percent of adults are considered overweight or obese.

Some people are obese for a certain reason. Some have a binge eating disorder and some just eat when they’re bored or depressed. People don’t realize when you eat so much unhealthy foods, you’re basically putting yourself in a bad state of dying at an early age.

Parents need to start teaching and helping their kids of how to stay active and be healthy. Some parents nowadays lets their children stay in front of a T.V. and play video games besides making them get outside more and get them some fresh air.

When you’re obese, it’s hard to get around with daily activities and you start to have a shortness of breath no matter what you do. Your joints will start to hurt, you’ll have back problems, any big clothes you try on would probably barely fit you, and you’ll even get put down for your weight.

If you’re fit and you’re at the average weight for your age and height, everything will be a lot more easier and you’ll even live longer.

Besides going to the store every day to buy your favorite bag of cheetos or those sweet hershey bars that you would devour every day, consider buying more fruits and veggies. Healthy fruits and veggies will make your body more healthier and you should have them 3-4 meals a day.

The average workouts you should consider doing include aerobic exercise such as swimming, jogging, lifting weights, etc. Also, to make it easier for weight loss, always pick something that you enjoy doing as long as it’s relevant of moving your body.

Zumba, in my opinion, is an awesome workout routine if you enjoy dancing and moving around a lot. The classes are mostly one hour and you can burn twice the calories. If you don’t want to go to Zumba classes every day, you can order a Zumba workout DVD with a kit and do it in your own home.

When you start a workout, you should always start off easy and don’t be too hard on yourself. Start off by cutting out unhealthy foods such as sodas, chips, fried foods, sweets, fast food, and even processed foods. I recommend having them for every two weeks as a reward.

Start off of doing at least 25-30 mins a day of cardio or just a simple jog outside. You should always stay committed to your diet and put a lot of effort into it no matter what. If you continue eating healthy foods, staying hydrated, get enough sleep and work out every day, you will start to see a some weight loss on your body and it will encourage you to keep going until you have lost all of the weight on your body.

Let’s move our body and get fit and make a change.