Fear or Friend

Is fear good or bad?

When you were a little kid, you were told stories. These stories held the things of nightmares that would have you pulling you sheets over your head.

You would constantly peek out of your sheets and gaze into the dark void that was your closet. You would constantly run as fast as you could to hop on your bed before the thing from under it got to you first. You would constantly put all faith into a night light, hoping it would help you survive the night.

Fear is a common chord that holds all of us together. It is the thing that distinguishes what is and what is not human. But in overall thoughts, is fear good or bad? Is fear worth giving into and experiencing pure stillness? Is fear just a feeling, or is it more than that?

We have all been afraid of something. Whether it be a bee or a bulldog, it is as common as experiencing happiness or sorrow. Fear is a feeling, but there is a point when fear becomes then a feeling.

There is a point when fear consumes us, devours us, controls us. When fear is everything we see, smell, taste, etc. When fear becomes the very nature of life. When fear destroys us.

This point of no return is when we give into fear. This happens when our minds no longer wish to live in reality or we just cannot take on life anymore. This is when we lose our control and become mentally disabled to handle our fears along.

For some, it takes a good friend to get through this time of complete fear. For others, it is already too late to crawl out of the dark void of their deepest nightmares.

But is it worth it? To give up is easy, but to keep going is hard. Why not give in, then there would be no pain, no suffering. Just the complete, immovable blackness that is always calm and gentle.

Not everything is what it seems. Though it may seem peaceful, giving in means giving up. It means giving up your life, your friends and families, everything you care about. It even means giving up your humanity.

If that is not enough, you become lost and discarded. It is like a drug. It starts out great and you feel like you are on cloud nine, but after a while, you transforms. You turn into a monster of your own creation. You lose.

By this point, you might think fear is a bad thing, but it is actually good. What is explained above is what happens when fear is left off of its leash. We just have to know how to control fear. Knowing that fear is just that, fear is the first step in controlling fear.

The second step is acknowledging your fear and trying to understand it. The last step is conquering your fear; let it know who the boss is. Do these three things and fear becomes your best friend, but be cautious, because fear has a way of breaking free.