Bullying is no laughing matter

Talk is the key to putting a stop to this

One of the biggest questions people ask now is why do people bully?

Why the answers may vary, a common theme among bullies is because the bully has been put down so they think it will put the pressure off of them if they become the bad guy. So many people are bullied in some way every day and just don’t know what to do about it.

Those who are bullied need to know there is help out there if they just know where to turn. A school counselor or a trusted teacher is a good place to start, as is your parents or guardians.

Most bullies know they are putting someone down and just don’t care how much they are hurting that person’s feelings. Even if you think you’re “just kidding”, the victims feelings aren’t going to be helped by that.

It doesn’t make you look bigger or cute for making someone feel like they are nothing inside and out. A lot of people drop out of school because they are getting bullied so much.

Why the simple answer to a bully is to stop it, the deeper issue is what needs to be discussed.

Bullying is not funny and is not something to take lightly. I encourage anyone who feels bullied to talk about it with friends, family, teachers or any trusted adult. Don’t wait, but start talking about it as soon as it happens.

This is a serious issue that requires serious conversations. It has to start first with no bullying at all and second with taking about it when it happens.

That will be a start.