Make the best of your senior year

I have heard many a time that it will not matter in ten years what you wore during school or what your hair looked like or who your friends were, but maybe that is not a correct statement.

I have heard Alumni say over and over how much they missed the simplicity of high school life. Some of their best memories came from high school.

Seniors are on the final leg of their journey now as Spring rolls back in. And in ten years are all of the seniors going to say that they do not care to remember the moments they had or the friends they enjoyed in high school?

The answer is no. Seniors need to enjoy the moments that they have, in the here and now, because in ten years we are all going to miss it.

Instead of focusing on the destination, enjoy the journey.

In everything you do, from football to choir to Creative Writing and the Secular Student Alliance, do it as if it were your last meet or your last game, because it might well be your last soon enough.

Put it all out there and be bold or you might regret never doing so when you are older. There are things in high school that you will never see again in the adult world.

The performers might never see a stage in the same way that they did in high school performances, the athletes might never see a field the same way and the students who have a real, pure purpose might lack that feeling later on.

You cannot know what the future will hold and you have got to enjoy every step along the way, especially as a senior.

So throw every ball like it is what you are meant to do, hit every dance move like you are a star on the rise and do everything you can to make memories that will last.

Your grades are infinitely important but in ten years, you will not look back on your quiz scores or the books you read in English, you will look back on the friends that you miss and the activities that you enjoyed.