Keep your cool

Learn to get through things that bother you

Do you ever find yourself going crazy with something that tests your patience; it bothering you enough to make you wonder how much longer you can keep your cool? Most people probably have.

However, the difference between us in this case is who can handle it in a more mature, composed way.

Some things, especially frustrating things, happen out of our control. To accept them in a healthy manner, we might have to approach them with an open mind. With the open perspective comes the aspect of calmness. When it comes to an annoying situation or a person who bothers you, you have to consider all circumstances before allowing yourself to act out and possibly do something you’d regret.

Take road rage, for example. If someone does something stupid in the car in front of you, you get upset. Let’s say you get so upset, you decide to honk and give them the finger, because that’ll show them.

You go in to work the next day and find out the lovely owner of that car in front of you happened to be your boss. Would you feel embarrassed?

Although this situation is a bit overly dramatic and unlikely to happen, it is an example of how your reactions can affect you later in life.

You have heard it many times – patience is a virtue. Which it is, but sometimes we forget it exists when we hear a baby crying in the theatre during the most suspenseful part of the movie.

Some annoyances are inevitable. We must find acceptance in our environment, especially the portrayals of annoying behavior. If the best way you can get through a long, boring presentation is by biting your tongue and keeping quiet, do it. For the things we can control, it may be best for you to stay away from things that are annoying you. If possible, keep a steady distance or get yourself out of the situation.

The key word is tolerance. Becoming a tolerant person will make you happier and better suited for situations you don’t like. Tolerance, or your ability to endure a behavior or thing you may not necessarily agree with, is definitely an important factor of being human.