What’s up with the lunch setup?

Leslie Hernandez, staff writer

This year has been hard. Especially with covid, school isn’t like how it used to be.

There have been many changes in regulations and procedures. Lunch has been the weirdest change during the 2020-2021 school year we had assigned seats and was a quiet lunch. This year we have the opportunity to choose where to sit and still try to maintain safety but what do students think about the new setup? 

Jayda Griffin said she liked the setup of lunch this year “I feel like we don’t have much interaction during the day which isolates us. Getting the chance to choose our seats lets us be in our human nature. Humans need humans”

Jonathan Hernandez “I think it’s reasonable due to covid but many students lie to the system many students aren’t vaccinated yet they sit in the cafeteria. This then leads to mass infections which makes the virus spread rapidly. The setup should start asking for vaccination papers to make sure students are vaccinated but we must still be able to sit where we want to”

Diana Garcia says “I like it, many students aren’t vaccinated but still sit in the cafeteria. I don’t blame them, they have to improvise since they still want to enjoy lunch with their friends. The lunch setup producers don’t do anything since no one does them.”

Victoria Luther “I enjoy getting to sit where I want but tracking where we sit isn’t that helpful because many don’t sit in the same spot every day. It would only work if students are sitting with the same people every day which isn’t the case for many.”

Lian Fernandez “students get to sit with their friends. I like it. Even though I have trouble filling out the form at times because it won’t load. Students who aren’t vaccinated sit in the cafeteria which comes with consequences. Hopefully, with the mask requirements, cases will go down and students will get more used to the process.”

Laith Hicks “I feel like it’s a good setup because lunch lets me hang out with friends that I don’t have a class with. It’s not crowded and everyone sits pretty much at the same chairs at the same tables.  I try to do the barcode but the wifi doesn’t always work.  Lunch is cool to me, no issues and I don’t feel uncomfortable.”

Abdiel Vasquez “I do like the new seating because only vaccinated people should be able to sit in the cafeteria. It makes lunch more enjoyable. I get to sit with my friends. Before we were socially distant but we didn’t enjoy lunch as much. Now we can be socially distanced but also sit where we want to sit.” 

Vanessa Escamilla “I like that we can finally choose where to sit and hang out with friends it makes lunch less awkward compared to last year where it was completely silent”

Jessica Flores “ the lunch set up doesn’t matter to me if we go back to the old I wouldn’t mind I don’t care how the lunch settings are really.”