Club sign up day is Thursday


Leslie Hernandez, staff writer

Club sign-up day is scheduled for this Thursday during Impact. Your Impact teacher will have all the information on how to sign up for clubs. Below is a description of each available club.

Clubs meet on Thursday during Impact according to a rotating schedule, which will be explained in Impact.

Club Name Day Sponsors Open/ 


Club Description
Chess Club A Joseph Cardoza O Accepting all levels of Chess Players from “don’t know how” to Grand-Master! Enjoy a quick game of chess and see how our diverse culture comes together over a chess board.
Crochet Club A Karen Hendrix, Jane Sarkine, Andrea Norcross O Want to relax, talk, and create? Join the Crochet Club where you will learn to make scarves, blankets, headbands, hats, and even more.
German Club A Kristen Dawn O In German Club students will experience aspects of the German language and culture that there is typically not time for in regular class instruction. We will try German foods, play games, sing songs, learn dances, etc. 
Gospel Club A Amanda Harrison O Students can use Gospel Club to build relationships with other students through the study of the Gospel genre in American Culture. 
Spell Bowl Team A Gary Peters O We are the academic spell bowl team! We invite you to come and quiz over a given list of words for a spell bowl showdown. This is no spelling bee. We spell as a team. We have an undefeated regular season. We have won the area regional the last two years as well as been state finalists since 2017. Come and join a family which will challenge you to the fullest. After our fourth place state finish in 2018, we welcome new spellers. Are you up for the challenge? 
Stitches A Cara Owens and Rebecca Hundley O Stitches will be a club about learning embroidery, cross stitching, and basics of hand needle point.
Gamers’ Guild A Trevor Smith O Club for discussing and playing all sorts of games, board games, card games, video games, and more.
Student Library Advisory Committee A Shannon Rose O The library is not just about checking out books! It is a powerful resource in many capacities and can be an influential force in serving and supporting our school community. This committee will give a voice to 
The Public Address Announcer Club A Jon Easter O The Public Address Announcer Club is for students interested in becoming PA announcers at sporting events or other types of events. The PA Announcer generates excitement from the crowd and communicates important information over a microphone and speaker system in a manner where people can understand clearly. No experience is necessary, just a willingness to step outside your comfort zone and try something new! Our club MAY have opportunities to work with the Athletic Office and announce some Ben Davis sporting events.  
Cardmaking and Stamping B Judy Lowery O Making greeting cards for others. 
NBA Club B Joe Belser O Who is the GOAT, Jordan or LeBron? Who is the MVP? Who will sign the best free agents? Who will win the NBA Finals? What is your all-time starting five? If you love the NBA, this club is for you. All things NBA! 
MakerSpace B Shannon Rose O A Maker can be defined as someone who, well… makes. It is a limitless definition, but more specifically, it is someone who is interested in the creation of new ideas and things as well as tinkering with existing ones. A Makerspace is a place where students can come together to share resources and knowledge, work on projects, connect, and create. In this club, there will be opportunities to create, tinker, and explore. Everything from coding and engineering to crafts and jewelry.
Tabletop Gaming Club B Ben Fraley O Tabletop Gaming Club provides an opportunity for students to learn new board games, card games, or even some role-playing games. If new games aren’t your style, then just come and play some classics like Uno, Pictionary, or War. It’s a chance to meet some new people and have some laughs over games. There will also be an after-school version of the club two nights a month for those interested in more tabletop gaming shenanigans.
The Comic League of Ben Davis B Justin Allison, David Proctor O Students in the comic league of Ben Davis HS is for any student who enjoys reading and discussing comics of all kinds! 
Education Professionals B Deborah Diss, Sherman Woodard C Students that are in the Ed Professions classes will meet as a club. They will discuss current issues, concerns, and achievements. Only students in the Ed Profession courses can be in this club.
Fellowship of Christian Athletes B Grace Schmitt, Dennis Goins O The Fellowship of Christian Athletes operates according to an internally written statement of faith. This statement consists of nine points based on Bible teachings and Christian principles. The Fellowship of Christian Athletes lists four core values for its ministry: Integrity, Serving, Teamwork and Excellence. Each core value has a corresponding scripture. We seek to equip, engage, and empower students to become a follower of Christ.
LGBTQQ and Friends B Debra Aquino, Samantha Garcia O In addition to providing a cool support network for LGBTQQ students (and staff), this club will also be a call to action in our school community and beyond. We will discuss current issues affecting the LGBTQQ community and brainstorm solutions together. During the club, we will work on educating ourselves and the broader school community about sexual orientation and gender identity issues. We may bring in outside speakers to cover a particular topic such as LGBTQQ history. We will organize a “Pride Week” or “LGBTQQ Awareness Event” and offer a series of educational workshops, panels, and pride celebrations. We will work to organize a “Teach the Teachers” staff development day which will focus on teaching school staff how to be better allies for LGBTQQ students. This will be a safe space for all involved!
Media Giants B Jon Easter O This club is a place to discuss current happenings and developments in social media, online influencers, gaming, radio, television, and all the other forms of media. Our club is the place for the plugged-in Giant who enjoys all things media!
Senior Class Officers B Melissa Edwards, Katrina Dawson C *This is an elected position during your junior year. As senior class officers, you will be responsible for the annual district township food drive, evening of excellence ceremony, graduation, preschool gatherings, fund-raising, year round food pantry, & Thrive community based assistance. They select your student body motto, song and flower for graduation to be remembered for years to come. There are stipulations and requirements for this elected position. Officers will lead and represent not only the Senior Class but all students at Ben Davis High School.  
Student Council Executive Council B Karly Hiquet and Michael Vetter C Plan and implement what student council will be responsible for throughout the year.
Anime B Tim Payne O Club for fans of Anime and Manga
Academic Super Bowl C Shannon Rose & Brad Phelps O Are you a smartie? The Academic Super Bowl could be the club for you. ASB is an independent study academic competition team. Each year there is a different theme and this year’s theme is the Roaring 20’s. You will have materials to study on your own and we will have practice questions during meeting times. Exercise your brain and build your academic resume. In the Spring, we will have 3-4 after school competitions. You must be able to attend the after school competitions in order to participate in the club. 
Best Buddies C Catherine Brown, Conner Edwards, Karly Hiquet, Keshia Bell O Best Buddies International is the world’s largest organization dedicated to ending the social, physical and economic isolation of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Best Buddies at BDHS seeks to empower the special abilities of people with disabilities by helping them form meaningful friendships with their peers. We encourage students interested in committing to a person, not just a club, to join us in our push for inclusion! 
Creative Writing C Tom Hayes O This club will explore various avenues of creative writing and will focus time on creating content for our Giant Visions literary magazine. Students should be interested in expressing themselves through creative forms of writing and artwork.
Distance Running Club C Ryan McMaster O Through videos, guest speakers, discussion, and research we will examine the best strategies, eating habits, reasons for training, collegiate racing and other facets of cross country and distance running in general.
FFA C Zac Sweet O Explore the role of Farming in society
Giant Kings C Sherman Woodard O This club creates a space where African-American males’ leadership, identity , and career development can be utilized to empower our Wayne Township community.
Jazz and Soul Music C Ken Karlin O Exploring improvised music in jazz, soul, R & B and world musics
Riley Dance Marathon C Natalie Offen O
United Voice Int’l Club C Angela Eastridge O United Voice members participate in several community service projects throughout the school year. Club typically meets once a month and has many extra-curricular activities. 
UNO!!! C Gary Peters O This is a pure strategy club to help release energy during the day. Not a video gamer? Come and seek out the other gamers! Old fashion UNO card players are needed for some quick rounds. It’s fun and still a brain game.
BD Miniature Painting Association C Justin Allison O Do you play Dungeons & Dragons or other RPG’s? Are you an avid fan of table top games but tire of seeing all that boring, unpainted plastic? Well, then this club is for you. We will spend time talking about techniques for painting miniatures as well as painting miniatures. So lets paint some minis!
Bring Change to Mind C Shayla Hampton, Allison Knudsen, Cody Haddix, Paisley Kleinheinz O The mission of Bring Change to Mind is to end the stigma and discrimination surrounding mental illness. Our vision is to create multimedia campaigns, curate storytelling movements, and develop youth programs to encourage a diverse cultural conversation around mental health. This is a student led organization and we are looking for students to lead and join our club. Watch for our Instagram coming soon!
ASK (AVID Student Kouncil) D Sarah Shannon C Representatives from every AVID elective class chosen by their peers and from each grade level to make an advisory sounding board for passing along important AVID information, getting input and feedback towards AVID curriculum, and developing a sense of leadership and ownership for AVID students within our program.
BD PAC D Joseph Belser O BDPAC is a club where we explore political issues of the day. We also get involved in different activities related to democracy. If you are interested in sharing ideas and healthy debate honoring many different perspectives, BDPAC is for you.
Hispanic Student Association D Samantha Garcia   O In BD’s Hispanic Student Association, students will learn about different Latinx culture, they will develop leadership and organizational skills, and they will also meet other students from different cultural backgrounds. Students will also be able to give back to the Latinx community and greater Indianapolis.
LitWits D Shannon Rose O Do you like to dive into stories that take you to other worlds right from your chair? Want to find out if the book is really better than the movie? Experience new beginnings, love, loss, tragedy, bliss, friendship all from the safety of words on the page. Join the LitWits book club where we will share the joys of reading!
National Honor Society D Grace Schmitt C NHS is only for National Honor Society members who are seniors.  
Photography D Tom Hayes O This club will explore the world of photography. If you have your own camera that is helpful, otherwise we will take photos with cell phone cameras and discuss the history of photography. You must be willing to share photos you have taken and be willing to produce pictures from meeting to meeting.
Student Council D Karly Hiquet and Michael Vetter O This club will be in charge of organizing Homecoming and putting on events and sales throughout the year. We want to be able to raise school spirit and student involvement. 
Giants Speakers- Speech Team Advocates D Gary Peters O Become an advocate for speech activities within the school and for the competitive team during the winter season. Learn the ins and outs of the wiz kids who mesmerize through speech games and preview the speech team activities. This designed for the busy student who wants to be a part of our traditional speech squad in advocacy.