The new normal

Life is sure to change after this pandemic ends


The CDC recommends washing hands for at least 20 seconds

Laura Fowler, Staff writer

So, I’m sure you all heard the teachers, principles, the president, and basically everyone saying you have to keep healthy and your hands cleaned and washed.

Well, in case you haven’t heard it yet or enough, here it is again. KEEP HEALTHY AND WASH YOUR HANDS.

There are many ways you can still live a healthy life with the coronavirus around. Again, one of those points is washing your hands. Frequently.

Yes, buying and using hand sanitizer can be somewhat effective, but people are still recommending that washing hands can be better. Authorities are now saying that people should be in no more than a group of 10 people maximum because it can limit the amount of people getting sick. 

Stay at least six feet apart from others. Cough into your elbow or into a sleeve so that way nothing spreads that could put other fellow employees, students, family members, and even strangers at risk of getting sick. Since America hasn’t seen anything like this virus in 100 years, our “normal life”, as some would say, is now going to have to change.

This “new normal life” is going to have a great affect on people. Not being able to go out as much because stores, restaurants, other small businesses, and even some big companies/businesses are shutting down due to the fact that they don’t want employees getting sick and spreading COVID-19.

Schools are now having to switch their ways of learning because all schools in Indiana shut down. Now, as you would say, there has tended to be a domino effect in place now since Indiana is taking, basically, extreme precautions.

Let’s say if a state had a case of the coronavirus, they would shut down all schools just to be safe, though this already happened, the start of shutting down businesses to limit the amount of spreading of sickness that there could be, and start limiting the amount of persons in a group.

Though this is going to have to become a new way, apparently, we are going to have to live until this crisis blows over. Though it will be harder for the elderly, and no, not just the really old people but the people who are older than, let’s say, 35, to entirely overcome this crisis, but the younger generations have a better chance to be able to cope/come back from this crisis because we will know what to do the next time a national crisis like this ever happens again. 

Though most people are saying just wash your hands and not get sick will be enough to evade COVID-19, that isn’t the case. There is more to be needed to do just that.

You need to change a little bit of how your daily routine is if you plan on going out or if you have to work. Yes, you are going to want to bring hand sanitizer everywhere, but you need to make sure to wash your hands every time you use the restroom, and also if you have to/need to handle garbage or any dirty things. You don’t want to fall sick during this time of year. Especially this year as it is turning out to be dangerous to be sick.

We might as well have heard this a thousand times by now, but again, all will hear it for a thousand and one times. STAY HOME IF YOU ARE/FEELING SICK.

You don’t want to be around other people if you have, let’s just say, the flu. You don’t want to make your own life miserable by going out and make yourself feel worse than you already do. Also, some might not want to be infected because, like you, they are not trying to get sick. 

Even if you are running a low grade fever, don’t go anywhere. Just stay in your PJ’s, lay in bed, watch TV, and eat chicken noodle soup. If you are having any of the symptoms of the coronavirus, go to a place that is testing for the virus and don’t go anywhere until cleared from and by the doctors or the people testing you. You don’t want to harm anyone by going out if you do have COVID-19. 

Though this is going to have to be our “new” type of normal life until this national crisis is under control, we can all still do our part in making sure that we all stay healthy, washing our hands and remembering good hygiene, and staying home if we are sick. Again, if feeling any of the symptoms of the coronavirus, go to the nearest place that is testing and stay home until cleared.

We know everyone is tired of hearing the same thing over and over again, but it really really really is important that everybody is keeping healthy so that we are not spreading this virus crisis and making it harder to get rid of. One of the new ways that we might have to start adapting to, if, the schools don’t open back up. We are not claiming or saying any of this will ever happen, but we are just saying that just in case it does happen, the students will have to adapt to doing Remote learning days. 

To those of you who don’t know what remote learning is, it is doing school online at home. Though many students believe it is great to be able to do school online, some may not believe so to be true. This dangerous virus that is in Indiana, we all need to make sure we do our parts in making sure we are staying healthy and stopping the spread. So we can try to get back to the way things were before the virus had shown up. 

Health, health, health. Is health what everyone is going to talk about now? The answer? Yes. Health is the number one issue, well, besides the coronavirus, is going to be what everybody is going to be talking about from now on until this corona crisis calms down some sort. Sorry about you if you are sick and tired of hearing “wash your hands” or “no touching, kissing, or hugging”. We are all trying to do our best in keeping your health in mind. Though you might get irritated, just remember, they are doing their best to keep your best interest in mind when it comes to COVID-19 and your health.