Wayne voters support public schools

Wayne Township voters voted in favor of public education during Tuesday’s primary election. The township voted 3,420-1,996 in favor of a tax referendum that will generate roughly $9.6 million per year over the next eight years.

“With today’s vote, our community overwhelmingly gave us the message to keep moving forward, to keep offering the amazing opportunities we offer that go above and beyond,” Wayne superintendent Dr. Jeff Butts said in an email to Wayne staff. “However, this campaign also made clear that we must continue to search for efficiencies and areas to reduce expenditures.  We will be working collectively to identify these areas moving forward with a goal to prepare for a significant change to the 2015 referenda as it ends its statutory life.”
This is the second referendum in the past five years for Wayne schools. The 2015 referendum will expire in four years.
“I must first thank the Board of Education for being willing to place this question on the ballot,” Butts wrote. ” The Board could have very easily made the decision to cut the budget and reduce programs.  However, they had the willingness and courage to ask the community to give them feedback regarding the future of our district.  To let the Board know if they wanted us to continue to offer the opportunities we currently offer, or to reduce towards what is required.”
The vote will allow Ben Davis University, Wayne Prep and the preschool to remain open and will allow the township to continue with programs like HOSTS,  a volunteer reading program.