Helping others

Pharmacy tech students reach out to aid those in need

Joselin Zavala, Staff Writer

Over the past few months, our students at the Area 31 Pharmacy Tech program have committed to support various causes in our community. Their support began when Career Center teacher Jessica Fisher introduced her class to the founder of Girl’s Nite In Jimmelynn Rice. Rice began Girl’s Nite In to encourage and advise young women and teens across Central Indiana.

Rice was diagnosed with Lyme disease shortly after a trip to Argentina, where she was building a new chapter of Girl’s Nite In international. This debilitating disease has no cure, and treatments are expensive.

Fisher’s students got to work and began to raise money for her. Fisher’s AM, PM, and Co-op classes each had jars where everyone donated whatever they could.

Since diseases and illnesses come with no warning, not everyone has the resources to pay for treatments that cost thousands of dollars. There are many people around the country who struggle with medical bills because they don’t have insurance, are in a bad financial situation, or both. This fact and Jimmelynn’s story inspired them to help create a new law in Indiana.

They’ll be fighting for continued healthcare and payable benefits for those unable to continue to work or pay for treatment.  The idea is that as long as the patient qualifies, they will be given a supplemental paycheck similar to short-term disability benefits and access to providers to ensure that they are getting affordable healthcare.

People do not know what is in their future and no matter how much you prepare you can never be ready for a debilitating and deadly illness to take over your life.

Families have enough stress and things to worry about and should not have to decide whether to lose their homes, cars or jobs just to have a chance to live. This bill will allow those in need to be protected and less stress added to their lives.

This plan has been worked on for about three years, each class refining and perfecting the bill before introducing it. They’re going to receive help from Ezra Hill, a member of the Greenwood City Council. From there they’ll reach out to more members of local government and spread the word. Each class has worked to perfect the bill before it is presented.