A quaking controversy

Published Plainfield magazine gets unexpected attention

Abby Beaumont, Entertainment Editor

There has been a bit of controversy among the Plainfield High School students after one of the latest publishes in publications. Students put together a “Dating Survival Guide” for their first issue of “The Shakedown,” just mid-October.

Teacher of the year Michelle Burress, the publications supervisor, was said to have possibly faced consequences for the content released in this issue. This content included a variety of relationship tips, date ideas, and even violence in a relationship. However, what was found to be so controversial might not be… all that bad.

Junior Eliza Vandewalle, a Plainfield student through our Ben Davis Area 31 program, gave us the scoop. 

“It was a little personal for a lot of people. It was weird to read about other peoples’ romantic lives (especially when I didn’t care),” Vandewalle said. “It goes from friends with benefits conversations to people talking about being single. What you should do in a relationship, what you shouldn’t do…”

What may have been found so inappropriate in this magazine was the talk of friends with benefits relationships among students and polyamory. It has been stated that parents should be made aware that their students are encouraging casual sex and even “group sex.” However, when polyamory was discussed in the magazine, it only meant being romantically involved with more than one person.

Despite the immediate backlash on the Plainfield publications staff, the intentions were positive. Clearly, students just wanted to help others with their relationship issues. The response turned out to be extremely negative.

“It was really cringey and it invaded people’s’ privacy even though they agreed to do this, but it’s really unnecessary,” Vandewalle expressed.

Another Plainfield student, Raven Rico, is the teacher’s T.A.

“I’m actually T.A. for the teacher and I’ve had her as a teacher before,” said Rico. “She’s the sweetest person ever, as well as a few people on newsmag.”

Charges pressed against Burress may have been way over the line, as her intentions for the magazine were as harmless as anyone else’s.

“I know there was probably going to be a court date with the teacher but I think it got canceled,” Rico said. “I think it was okay to be released. It wasn’t as bad as everyone made it seem. I think dating and such issues are topics that need to be covered. We’re in high school. It’s not like they’re things we’ve never heard before.”

Parents, students, and staff may have overreacted on the magnitude of the slightly inappropriate mentionings throughout the magazine. The Quakers just wanted to help fellow students! Regardless of the heated reaction, the relationship advice in that issue probably saved some students.