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A behind the scenes look at homecoming

Margiory Valle, Sports co-editor

With homecoming soon approaching, we get excited yet tend to forget about the people and planning that work hard to make it happen.

There are around 17 people behind planning homecoming, which includes staff members, students and football moms, who all work together to make homecoming the best they can.

“There are a total of four staff members, three football moms and about ten students”, said social studies teacher Michael Vetter, head of the homecoming committee. “They all take pride in working together to create an enjoyable event for all students.”

They typically spend about a month beforehand planning, then setting everything up for the homecoming dance the morning of.

When asked why he took an interest in planning homecoming, Vetter said, “This is my fifth year (planning homecoming), I like to see the students have a good time and I know this means a lot to the students. They enjoy it.”

Also adding that he enjoys working with other people, which is another factor that pushed him into wanting to help with planning.

Something Vetter always looks forward to is the homecoming football game and seeing the students have fun on the dance floor at the homecoming dance. He said it is a rewarding feeling seeing everyone enjoy the hard work you’ve accomplished.

Although he really likes planning homecoming, he admits that things don’t always run as smoothly as planned.

“Things always come up that are unexpected, so we just tackle one challenge at a time,” Vetter said.

Vetter concludes by adding that he hopes to see everyone come to the homecoming football game, on September 29.

“I’d also like to see everyone come out to the dance and have a great time,” Vetter said

This years homecoming theme is going to be “Hollywood” and it will be held on Saturday, September, 30 from 8-11pm. Tickets go on sale on homecoming week for $12 and homecoming football game t-shirts will also be available for sale. The dance take place at the Camp Camby Conference & Retreat Center. Make sure to come out and have fun at this years homecoming.